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Dhaka Nightlife: A City Not Meant For Nightlife!

Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh, doesn’t offer a pleasing nightlife scenes.. I am covering some important topics in this article, such as crowded places at night, the most enjoyable Dhaka Nightlife Events, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as essential tips for travelers. What does the term ‘nightlife’ bring to your mind? Delighted, noisy, ravishing, cheeky, edgy thoughts, full of obscure excitement and crazy sensations? Probably yes. You might be very impressed by how different this is just by looking at the city of Dhaka.

Dhaka Nightlife Reviews

Dhaka is a large city, with those who would disagree with its purpose of being one of the largest cities. Although the city roads are lit in the late evening, individuals do much different jobs than those who stay in Penang, Bangkok, or say L.A. For citizens from innovative town places, Dhaka nightlife would seem fairly boring.

If you are to be genuine, the town does host cafes, lounges, evening clubs, celebration places, discos, etc., but they aren’t recognized nearly as much by the lifestyle, like in other places. The Dhaka nightlife field here is like for a small group, not branching out too much throughout its streets, evening time, or people.

However, at this time, an attractive nightlife can be purchased with the right sum of money. Hence, it might seem that the crazy nightlife here is the property of the wealthy men only, which at some level is true. According to Dhaka Nightlife Reviews, starred hotels and restaurants like Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Radisson Blu, and Westin offer clubbing, discos, and parties, which go comparatively untamed and wild.

If you’re looking for an insane evening of dancing until the beginning of a new day at a sweaty and wet evening club, nightlife in Dhaka may not be the best choice for you. That’s not to declare that it does not have great cafes and locations to enjoy a good drink, but you’re more likely to find an area to enjoy an amazing dancing time or some live music, which usually offers a more memorable experience for guests on their nights out.

Nightclubs and Bars

Bars in Dhaka like Sakura, Eram, Chalet, Le Diplomat, Dimple, etc., seem to meet the needs of the commoners. Then again, these locations are unisex only to gentlemen. The reasons behind such a taboo are mostly religious beliefs and social values.

Jatra Biroti

This rooftop lounge features the best promotions of art and music, and it is the best place to spend a night out. It serves plenty of activities and always aims to enhance local individuals’ art and performers. The musical combination is abundant where conventional Lalon and Tagore appears to mix with jazz music and rock.


One of the most favored cafes in Dhaka, Sakura has a bit of an unknown charm to it. You must enter the black area through the back after it ends. It is a well-known position among residents, with inexpensive local alcohol and some imported too. If someone wants to make Dhaka nightlife exclusive, Sakura can assist him.

Blue Moon Recreation Club

The Blue Moon Recreation Club is a popular Night club in Dhaka, similar to a European bar experience. It is washed in fluorescent illumination, creating a very particular feel, and specific days bring live music activities, and you can consume some common bar foods.

Now let’s take a doubter perspective on the whole concept of Dhaka, Bangladesh Nightlife. This younger custom is enthusing the cafe business, and people enjoy late-night trips. This is one type of nightlife that Dhaka has given birth to and holds with actual eagerness. Plus, completely new locations like Hatir Jheel are emerging, which provides a daily getaway or hangout location, although the safety of such locations is yet doubtful.

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It all comes down to the understanding of the people of Dhaka. Actually, on a broader variety, nightlife does offer a taste-bud-tingling food scene, good music, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, but probably not in the actual model as in any other culture. If we look at these factors, Dhaka nightlife starts to gradually improve its evenings with enjoyment and joy.

Alternatively, if you want to experience a non-stereotypical European nightlife, then you probably have to search for a more unmentioned field that goes on around the edges of the town under the shadows of our standards. It seems that every town and its individuals have their own way of showing themselves in the dark night. Sometimes it’s to cut the disappointment of active life, and at other times, it’s just a poser dream.

Some might say it’s the youngster’s lifestyle, globalization, and bad media impact. Anyhow, Dhaka is increasing a genuine nightlife culture and is yet to show the long run, limited by religious beliefs, culture, rules, standards, and routines.

Finally, it would be a surprise for those looking for nightclubs in Dhaka that are packed with Bengali girls, but still, there are some open-minded Bengali ladies enjoying their nights, especially at the weekends. I would suggest that you consider more attractive destinations instead of Dhaka for nightlife or interactions with women. If you are persistently looking to meet a Bengali girl for dating or even marriage, it’s better to read THIS ARTICLE to understand them well. Feel free to write your comments below.


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