Lviv Nightlife

Lviv Nightlife Scenes: 2014 Updates

Lviv is often considered one of the most attractive nightlife spots in Ukraine, right after Kiev and Odessa. Known for its silent yet lively nightlife, Lviv offers a unique blend of beautiful nature, historical structures, and a variety of entertainment options, making it a sought-after destination for visitors from Europe and Western countries particularly from Poland. The city’s bars and nightclubs are sure to cater to your desire for fun and enjoyment.

Lviv Nightlife

Nightlife in Lviv is not only characterized by its vibrant atmosphere but also by the presence of beautiful Ukrainian girls, often regarded as some of the most beautiful in the world. The city boasts an attractive and non-stop nightlife scene, featuring various-style nightclubs, lively streets, a friendly culture, and more. Navigating Lviv’s nightlife can be an exhilarating experience if you know where to go. To enhance your experience, I highly recommend meeting with locals, as this can provide you with a significant advantage.

Meet Ukrainian Ladies

One challenge in connecting with locals is the limited English proficiency among residents, which may seem peculiar. Fortunately, online platforms can help you find English-speaking Ukrainian girls from Lviv. Establishing communication in English is crucial for building trust, and your companion will likely feel more comfortable in your presence. Ukrainians, whether male or female, are generally known for their kindness, so utilizing my comprehensive guide on HOW TO MEET UKRAINIAN WOMEN ONLINE can be beneficial.

Security Concerns

Some readers have expressed concerns about security in Lviv, particularly after the conflict with Russia. While some parts of the country, such as the Eastern oblasts (provinces) of Donetsk and Luhansk, are not safe, Lviv is considered the safest city in Ukraine at present. The nightlife in Lviv is also considered safer and more affordable compared to the capital city Kiev and the port city Odessa. Let’s delve into a detailed review of Lviv nightlife:


Due to the ongoing war with Russia, Ukraine has no direct flights to cities, apart from political flights. However, there is a way to visit Lviv from Krakow, Poland. It takes an 8-hour bus journey to reach Lviv bus station. Once you arrive in Lviv, you will observe that the city is still safe, as Lviv is the most nationalist city in Ukraine.


For accommodations, hostels are a preferred choice, providing a great chance to meet other travelers interested in Lviv nightlife. Receptionists at hostels are helpful and can guide you to the best bars and nightclubs. Staying in hostels also increases the likelihood of encountering locals who may want to join you for a night out. I recommend you to CHECK HERE to find reasonable price and central location in the heart of Lviv city(Old Town).

Bars & Nightclubs

Similar to well-known nightlife scenes worldwide, Lviv nightlife is bustling, especially on weekends (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Both locals and tourists from around the world enjoy the colorful, affordable, and secure nightlife, with many visitors coming from neighboring Poland. It’s common to see Polish dance figures in bars or on the streets. While bars usually have no entrance fees, nightclubs may have entrance fees and dress codes.

Ensure your attire is suitable to avoid refusal at the entrance. Most nightclubs have their security guards, contributing to a safer environment. As there isn’t a specific location housing all bars and clubs, the Old Town and its surroundings are the go-to areas. In Lviv Old Town, numerous bars and clubs await you, offering a relatively cost-friendly experience compared to many European nightlife scenes. Here are some popular ones:

Popular Bars:

  • Pyana Vishnya Bar – Rynok pl. 11 / Lviv
  • Rafinad People Club – Rudanskoho St. 1 / Lviv
  • Music Lab – Bratis Rohatyntsiv St. 27 l Lviv
  • Libraria Speak Easy Bar – Lesi Ukrainky St. 14 / Lviv

Popular Nightclubs:

  • Malevich Night Club – Viacheslava Chornovola Ave, 2 / Lviv
  • HiresH Night Club – Yevhena Petrushevycha Square, 2 / Lviv
  • Zanzibar Night Club – Lypynskoyo St. 36 / Lviv
  • Metro Club Night Club – Zelena St. 14 / Lviv
  • Fashion Night Club – Ivana Pidkovy Square, 1 / Lviv
  • Picasso Night Club – Zelena St. 88 / Lviv
  • The Cult Night Club – Chaikovs’koho St. 7 / Lviv
  • FESTrepublic Night Club – Staroznesenska, 24 / Lviv

Warnings & Suggestions

Anywhere in the world, when not in your own country, staying cautious and respecting local rules is essential. Lviv is relatively safe, but pickpocketing, especially targeting foreigners, is common. Exercise caution in public places and moderate your drinking. Check the social media accounts of venues, read comments, and consider ratings before choosing a venue for the night. Searching for previous guest experiences can help you avoid issues such as overcharging.

Avoid unnecessary arguments with venue bodyguards, as they can be aggressive. If denied entry, find an alternative venue rather than insisting. It’s advisable not to carry large amounts of cash; if possible, use a credit card for payments. Lastly, don’t leave Lviv without trying local coffee, chocolate, cherry liquor at Pyana Vishnya Bar, and local liquors like Medovuha, Kvas, and Samagon. Have fun!


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    • Hi Vlad,

      It’s very simple, to be more safe and comfortable. If you don’t know the nightlife in Lviv, it might be little boring and dangerous for you 🙂

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