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Dating Nigerian Women: A Comprehensive Guide

Nigerian singles always classified as the hottest black Africans throughout Africa. For those who love black girls, we asked some questions to a Nigerian woman to get the most accurate information about dating Nigerian women. Before you learn how to date a Nigerian girl online, you need to know about Nigeria as a country and everything about Nigerian women. This is how you can easily get her into your pants or even marry her.

Nigeria is a land with many kinds of people, with about 250 types of ethnic groups. Each of these has its own language and heritage. With English as the national language, not all people speak English fluently. If you meet anyone in Nigeria, they can communicate with you in Pidgin English, which is a mixture of Nigerian and English words.

Other than that, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo are the main languages of Nigerian locals. There are many others, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that as they mostly communicate in Pidgin English. Other than the language, Nigeria has about 32 states with different cultures and traditions. The northern part is filled with Muslims and fair Nigerian ladies. The southern part is filled with Christians, where religion is taken very seriously. The native faiths center on the belief in spirits and also in the creator. They are known as Olorun in Yoruba and Chineke in Igbo.

Nigerian Women Dressing Styles & Traditions

If you are into dating Nigerian women, you might know a lot about the way they live. And in case you do not know, here are some things. The north Nigerian women wear long-flowing robes and headscarves. But they do not cover their faces much. While on the south side of Nigeria, they wear a lot of Western-styled clothes every day. But during some function, at home, or on the weekends, most of these beautiful Nigerian girls wear their traditional clothes and headdresses.

Now, if you have been florting Nigerian singles or you have studied about them, you would know that they do a lot of head-dressing. Moreover, the local Nigerian artists are highly skilled in weaving and dyeing techniques. They make the adire cloth that is a hand-patterned cloth made by making some particular parts of the cloth resistant to the dye. Another one that these girls wear is the Asa-oke that is created with hand-woven strips of colorful cloth.

How Do Nigerian Women Live?

Nigerian women, you would see that they live just like the girls in Western countries. Moreover, if you want to get a Nigerian girl for marriage, you would have to pay her parents just for giving their daughter to you. The girl in Nigeria lives just like a boy in the family. When they are about 5 to 6 years old, even though they stay in their family’s house, they are left to take care of themselves and study.

After they graduate from school, they even begin to work along with graduation. So, if you are about to enter into dating Nigerian women, you need to know that these Nigerian singles are very independent. And they usually like those men who are confident and have achieved something in their lives.

Advantages of Dating Nigerian Women

Talking about pros, everything is a pro when dating Nigerian women. You get to learn about a new culture and become close to them. Moreover, you get to find out new things about yourself and explore a new world. Nigerian women are very caring as long as you are good to them. They are highly skilled and intelligent. And if you are planning to marry one, you have got the best team to hold both your house and business perfectly together with you. They are very neat and tidy people, so you would never need to worry about any dirt and negativity in your life.

Being with Nigerian women teach you how to be independent and enjoy your life as you contribute to society. They even teach you how to be honest and love your family. You learn all about the different types of weaving and hairstyles that are there. You can even learn a new language and get a lot of knowledge from them. They are the perfect package that you can have, even if it is a one-night stand or a relationship that leads to a wedding.

Things You Need to Beware

Well, since I was born in Nigeria and have a lot of friends and sisters there, I do not think there is any con of dating with them. But, if you catch the wrong girl and do not make her happy, you have got yourself enough of trouble, forget the cheating that you get. You would have to handle her anger, and she can even raise a hand on you. You need to be clear about the relationship you want with Nigerian women you are hooking up with. Moreover, if you are a person who doesn’t like to spend money on a girl, you are at the wrong place.

Nigerian women like their men to take care of them from head to toe, and even get surprise gifts for them every now and then. Other than this, there is nothing that is bad about dating them. You would just need to be clear about the type of relationship you are looking for. These women are open for all hook-ups, casual and serious relationships. You just need to be clear and have the right women who are fond of you the way you are for her. You need to be honest with her, else she would show you “Red Pepe” as they say it. This is the strongest pepper, and saying this means they would make you pay for what wrong you do.

How to find Nigerian Girls For Dating?

There are many online dating sites that can help you indulge in dating Nigerian girls online. (Keep reading as I will introduce the best Nigerian dating site down.) But if you are more of a social person in the real world, all you need to do is approach a woman with confidence. You can make friends through Facebook or visit bars, malls, clubs, and pubs to connect with them. You would find every type of girl in these places. Just make sure that you are straightforward about what you expect from that girl, even if it is just a hook-up.

Nigerian girls are open and appreciate an honest person. As you approach them, start with an ice-breaker like a joke and compliment the lady. Dating Nigerian women means you need to make them feel special every time, and that is how they keep you happy. Even if the thought is about to last just for a night! Do not make strange faces or comment about their food, family, color, or even their hair. If you give a wrong comment, you would be beaten up or insulted in the worst way possible. So, make sure to be aware of this rule!


Moreover, if you are not fitting this criteria, it is advice to avoid getting into a relationship with a Nigerian woman. Nigerian women is not that easy. They have a lot of pride and hate the racism that goes around. They are the ones that usually lead, but they also love to be led sometimes. This is both for a hook-up and for a serious relationship.

Just be open and honest about your intentions. You need to be someone who is smart, intelligent, and has got money to spend on her. Get her a gift and ask her about her wishes for that night if you are in for a one-night stand. Fulfill her desires, and you got yours fulfilled. To marry a Nigerian girl, you just need to be rich both with money as well as intelligence.

Keep one thing in mind; Nigerian girls are materialistic. There are a few rare girls who might not be this way. But most of them are materialistic, and you need to feed them with presents to keep them with you. Also, these women are very religious, and you need to let them stick to what their routine is like. And if you join them, they would be more than happy and love you more.

Tips to Keep Them Happy

Give her money to make her hair – Nigerian girls love their hair and spend a lot of money on it. If you are dating one or marrying one, know that you would have to spend enough every week on their hair. Some girls also prefer to change their hair after every 3 to 4 days.

Never Lie or Cheat – If you are into this, just know that you can get a good beating from the Nigerian girl that you are dating with. Be honest at every point in your life, as they are very smart and can catch you easily.

Do not surprise her with a home visit except – Dating Nigerian women isn’t that simple due to their intelligence. So, they know when to get a man to their house to meet their parents. It is better not to surprise her by meeting her parents before time or coming to her house. You can lose her for good.

Accept the invitation to her church – As mentioned before, you have to love her and her beliefs. Most of them are Christians, and if they ask you to accompany them to the church, please do so.

Respect her parents – If you want her as a life partner, respect her parents and their beliefs. Get to know them and become family by spending time with them.

A Proper Relationship – If it is not a one-night stand or a casual dating that you have had a talk about with your girl, you need to make the move towards marriage faster. When dating Nigerian women, they keep every detail in mind and if the relationship is aimless, they can back off faster than you can blink. So, be clear or make the move.

How to Marry a Nigerian Woman?

After all has been decided and settled, meet her parents after having a word with her. And before this, prepare a perfect date that she always dreamt of and ask her to marry you. CHECK THIS MARRIAGE PROPOSAL to have an idea. When you meet her parents, behave the same way you did when you were with her. They have the same ideas and thought. Respect them and be honest about all your history if they ask about it. Make your parents meet her parents. And ensure all goes as planned, and there is no racism from any side or insults.

Make sure you have a house of her dreams ready for the both of you and everything she ever wanted for the wedding in a church (mostly if she is a Christian). You would need to spend thousands, but then you have the best lady in the world to handle you and your family. Nigerian women are great as long as you are honest with them. They are the best package you can get with all the curves and the best love you can ever have!

Best Online Nigerian Dating Site

Here you go, you got all the details about Nigerian women, and probably it’s time to take action if this introduction satisfied you enough. Well, there are lots of Nigerian dating sites around, but I will try to introduce the recommendation of Nigerian locals where they are looking for love, fun, or their future man. To meet Nigerian singles now, join for free through the LINK HERE or below picture. It’s 100% free to join.


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