Hotels for unmarried couples in Dubai

Couple Friendly Hotels in Dubai

Dubai, often regarded as one of the world’s premier luxury tourist destinations, has a unique allure that beckons travelers seeking class, opulence, and comfort for their holidays. However, Dubai adheres to a religious-based legal system that restricts unmarried couples from sharing a room. But fear not! While it may not be legally allowed, some hotels are willing to accommodate unmarried couples, ensuring that you can enjoy a romantic escape without any hassles. In this article, we will delve into this sensitive topic and provide you with valuable insights on finding hotels for unmarried couples in Dubai.

Can Unmarried Couples Stay Together in a Hotel in Dubai?

The burning question on many travelers’ minds, especially unmarried couples, is whether they can stay together in a hotel in Dubai. Technically, the answer is no; Dubai’s legal framework does not permit unmarried couples to share a room. However, in practice, there are some tips and strategies to enjoy a comfortable stay together in Dubai without facing legal issues.

Before we dive into these strategies, consider this: do you honestly think the thousands of unmarried couples visiting Dubai are all staying in separate rooms? The answer is a resounding no. Have you ever heard of people being deported or sentenced merely because they booked a single room and shared it without a marriage contract? No such incidents are commonplace.

Moreover, do hotels in Dubai demand to see your marriage contract upon check-in? No, they generally do not. This simple fact implies that it is indeed possible to book a hotel or rent an apartment in Dubai without providing a marriage contract.

Dubai Law Regarding Unmarried Couples

Dubai’s strict stance on unmarried couples sharing accommodations stems from its legal system, specifically Article 356 of the UAE Penal Code. It explicitly prohibits the sharing of a room, apartment, or car by unmarried individuals. Keep in mind that these regulations can vary from one Emirate to another. Dubai’s laws can be likened to the conditional allowance of alcohol, whereas Sharjah, a neighboring Emirate, strictly prohibits it. Staying informed is crucial because not only could you face deportation, but you might also be subject to various penalties, including imprisonment.

Tips for Unmarried Couples to Stay Together in a Hotel in Dubai

Now, you might be wondering, “Why would I risk breaking the law while on vacation in Dubai?” The truth is, Dubai has been evolving, recognizing that its oil-based economy may not last forever. To secure its economic future, Dubai actively seeks more tourists, making it more tolerant of its visitors. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth stay for unmarried couples in Dubai:

  1. Keep a Low Profile: The Dubai police are generally courteous and respectful. They don’t barge into hotel rooms to check the marital status of guests. If you and your partner maintain a low profile and behave responsibly, you’re unlikely to encounter any issues.
  2. Choose Reputable Hotels: Opt for well-known chain hotels that prioritize their reputation. These hotels are less likely to jeopardize their standing by asking intrusive questions about your relationship status.
  3. Present as Husband and Wife: When checking in at the hotel’s reception, introduce yourselves as a married couple rather than as boyfriend and girlfriend. In most cases, hotels won’t request a marriage certificate. If they do, simply explain that you didn’t anticipate needing one at check-in.
  4. Book Two Rooms: If you remain concerned, consider booking two separate rooms and then staying together in one of them after check-in. As long as you don’t draw attention to yourselves, this should not pose a significant problem.
  5. Consider Apartments: If you still feel uneasy about staying in a hotel, renting an apartment can be a secure alternative. You can enjoy the same level of comfort as luxury hotels, often at a more affordable price.

Alternatives to Couple Friendly Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is home to millions of expatriates, many of whom live together in shared apartments or flats without formal contracts. If you’re still apprehensive about staying in a hotel, renting an apartment can be a safe and practical alternative.

Advantages of Renting an Apartment:

  • Your partner can visit you without restrictions.
  • You have the freedom to host gatherings in your flat as long as you don’t disturb your neighbors.
  • Apartments, especially in safe locations, can offer a secure and comfortable living space.

Disadvantages of Renting an Apartment:

  • You must be responsible and ensure you do not disrupt your neighbors.
  • Depending on the location, apartments can be expensive.

In Conclusion

In my 10 years of experience in Dubai, I have neither encountered nor heard of any issues related to unmarried couples staying together in the city. If there are reports of incidents, they are likely tied to overindulgence rather than the absence of a marriage contract.

As long as you avoid drawing attention to yourselves, it is highly unlikely that anyone will request your marriage contract. Finally, here’s a list of reputable couple friendly hotels in Dubai where you can comfortably stay with your partner:

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  1. what if a white woman is meeting her Indian man for first time and We have been having online relationship for 3 years we want to be together and meet and it seems very difficult to get to meet him with so many restrictions on getting visa and he has tried to come yo UK but without success we are so in love and want to meet dubai is only place that isn’t to far to travel from uk for me although I am a bit worried travelling alone I am very confident of my boyfriend and his love with different passports though and nationalities would we be able to book a double room or should we I need advise as I don’t want to break the law and land I jail thanks

    • dear
      go to places or islands like maldives.
      Visa free and no restrictions on couples to stay in hotels even for inter racial couples including indians.


  2. Hi,
    Me and my girlfriend planning to visit dubai, my only concern is i am from india and she is from london but she is British Asian, so is it safe to stay together in dubai without being married.

    • Its not legally fine to stay together in dubai without marriage contract for couples. however, some of the hotels will not ask you to provide marriage contract. Most of the times couples who visited Dubai not having such problems as long as you are not driving attention upon you. Just be relax and in case of being asked, just tell them you are married.

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