Kuwait Nightlife

Kuwait Nightlife Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest Gulf countries in the Middle East. Despite being a small country with wealth, it does not accommodate a conventional nightlife scene. However, there are still some options for nightlife that differ from regular activities found elsewhere in the world. Many people wonder if Kuwait has scenes for nightlife fun or ways to meet beautiful Kuwaiti women. When considering nightlife as bars, nightclubs, and entertainment, Kuwait may not meet your expectations but still offers some fun within the circle of the country’s traditions and customs. Let’s delve into the details:

Kuwait Nightlife

As mentioned above, Kuwait lacks conventional nightlife scenes. If you plan to travel to Kuwait to meet Kuwaiti women in nightclubs or bars, I suggest changing your plan as Kuwait has no nightclubs or bars. Due to religious rulings, nightlife activities or venues are not allowed to operate within the country. Unlike Bahrain, Dubai, or Qatar, Kuwait also prohibits alcohol consumption or selling within its borders. Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Kuwait. The only place where you can find alcohol is in the embassies of other countries where alcohol is legal. Speaking of alcohol, let me provide more details.

Alcohol in Kuwait

Alcohol is prohibited, but there are some ways to find it in Kuwait. By the way, this article doesn’t intend to promote alcohol, but having lived there for a long time, I’ve discovered some ways. Obtaining alcohol through illegal means is very risky, as you may face imprisonment or deportation when caught by the police. Kuwait has zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs. However, if you are willing to take the risk, here are some ways to access alcohol in Kuwait.

Indians, Sri Lankans, Filipinos, Nepalese Expats

Wherever you go or work in Kuwait, you will likely meet people from these nationalities, as they make up the majority of the population in Kuwait. If you get closer to someone from these countries (particularly non-Muslims), they can help you. There is a type of alcohol called “sadiki,” which I believe is made from rice and is produced or sold by them. I’ve started with the cheaper option, as this is the most affordable and accessible option in Kuwait.

A 1.5-liter bottle of sadiki may cost around 10 Kuwaiti dinars, which is approximately 33 US dollars. It tastes like vodka but can be harsh and may cause health issues if used long-term. I wouldn’t recommend it, having personally witnessed how it’s made; I stopped drinking it immediately. Just ask them to provide you with as much as you want. They sell it in water bottles. If you choose to drink, I suggest drinking plenty of water after finishing to avoid a terrible headache the next morning.

Lebanese, Egyptian, Kuwaitis

If you are wealthy and don’t want to risk your life with cheap and unknown alcohol, the next option is branded whiskey. It’s usually JB, Jack Daniels, or Johnny Walker whiskies, and it’s original. For this type of alcohol, you may need to contact or get closer to Lebanese people, especially, to get one. Prices may range from 90 dinars (330 US) up to 150 dinars (480 US) but at very high prices.

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Nightlife Scenes

Returning to Kuwait nightlife, it offers only restaurants, cafes, shisha cafes, and shopping malls. It may sound unusual, but when you delve into the details, Kuwait nightlife might be exciting, as many Kuwaiti singles hang around in restaurants, malls, and cafes. To meet Kuwaiti women as a foreigner in Kuwait, you must be very careful. Some areas should be avoided, while designated nightlife areas are where you should be.

Murouj Sahara

This is one of the best places in Kuwait to meet liberal Kuwaiti women or hang out in Kuwait at night. It’s located in front of 360 Mall, an open area complex with only restaurants and cafes. The most classy and wealthy Kuwaitis dine in there and spend their leisure time or meet friends.

The complex opens at 9 AM and closes at 12 AM. It’s usually busy between October and April. It’s a very relaxing place, especially from 7 PM to 11 PM, when walking may not be possible due to the crowd. The average restaurant cost is around 30 to 50 dinars (99 to 180 US) for a nice meal and coffee. It’s definitely recommended.


Another hotspot for wealthy and liberal Kuwaiti singles. If you genuinely want to meet Kuwaiti singles, you must visit this place too. It follows the same concept as Murouj Sahara, with open-air restaurant complexes and cafes open until 12 AM.

Al Bedaa

Another luxury restaurant and café complex located beside the sea. Many beautiful Kuwaiti young ladies go there to spend their leisure time. It’s worth seeing and spending time. Venues here open at 7 AM and close at 12 PM, but the peak time is 7 PM to 11 PM.

Avenues Mall

One of the biggest malls in the Middle East and the largest in Kuwait. It can be classified as Kuwait’s home center, where you can find anything you are looking for – clothing, restaurants, cafes, and luxury brands. It’s a massive complex where you can spend your entire day without realizing it. Girls here roam around the shops shopping, making it a great place to meet Kuwaitis, as no one would complain. I highly recommend going there to see the most beautiful Kuwaiti girls competing with each other.

Al- Khiran

A beach coastal area of Kuwait where Kuwaitis are free to enjoy their bikinis and people in high-class levels spend their weekend leisure time. In Al- Khiran, you wouldn’t feel that you are in Kuwait. It’s a bit far from Kuwait City, and you must have your own car to travel there. There are also villas with pools along the beachside that you can rent. It’s around 100 dinars (330 US) per night.

Kuwait City

Another top destination for cafes and shisha cafes with a view of towers and Kuwait City. It’s not located in a specific place, but when you are in the city by walking, you can find out where to hang out.


Another open-air long and old street in Kuwait. Nightlife is bustling, and almost all restaurants and cafes are full. You can find a place to sit and watch beautiful Kuwaiti girls roaming around even in the middle of the night. It might surprise you, but it’s very normal for a lady to hang out alone at night in Kuwait.

Salmiya Old Souk (Souk Salmiya)

This is a walking street in Kuwait and is closed for traffic. During winter, it’s full of expats, especially Filipinos, who hang out and eat their own food. You may find a lot of Pinay restaurants on this street, and compared to other nightlife points, Souk Salmiya is very affordable and worth being there.

Even walking on this street may amaze you, and nightlife here is apparently close to [Nightlife in the Philippines.] You may find live music, karaoke restaurants, and Filipino cuisine, especially in the last building at the end of the street called Manila Building. The atmosphere here is amazing, but Kuwaitis are not big fans of spending time here.


A very popular shisha center in Kuwait with luxurious shisha cafes and rooftop shisha venues. Salmiya is one of the best cities in Kuwait, with most guests from Arab expats like Egyptians, Lebanese, Moroccans, and Syrians ladies. Lebanese girls are the most common guests in these cafes. It’s like the Paris of Kuwait. The seaside of Salmiya is also the best option to walk along. You may meet expats from Europe and Arab countries, as well as Filipinos. If you are not looking for Kuwaiti girls, then Salmiya would be the best place for you to find someone to meet.

How to Meet Kuwaiti Women

One of the most wondered questions in mind. Since it is a conservative country, Kuwaiti girls make their dates online. Snapchat and Instagram are two of the most used apps in Kuwait by ladies, but the best meeting platform is [Muslima] where many of them are registered. I have seen a lot of guys find Kuwaiti women for dating on Muslima. Because it’s not an app and they do not need to hide it, it’s a more secure way for them. You can check here to find your Kuwaiti girl on Muslima.

Finally, I suggest you to find divorced Kuwaiti women for a risk-free relationship. In case you find it hard to meet them in Kuwait, you can invite them back to your country. Kuwaiti women can travel alone. If she is divorced, then everything will be easy for you.

As you find out, Kuwait nightlife does not have too many options to offer but really leaves tons of good memories and exciting experiences in person. I have had a lot of memories too. Finally, do not come back before joining a desert party in Kuwait. You can ask any Kuwaiti, and I believe they would be happy to let you experience this too. Good luck, and comment below if you want to add any information regarding nightlife in Kuwait.

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