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Nightclubs in Ottawa: Explore the Best Venues in Ottawa

Come see what Ottawa nightlife has to offer; with diverse and rich nightclubs, you surely won’t be disappointed. Below, you will find a great list of nightclubs in Ottawa that party never ends. There’s something for everyone in Ottawa Nightlife. Thanks to the many universities and colleges within the city, the nightlife in Ottawa is full of young students looking to have a great time. Whether you want to party like a local or a tourist, Here are the best Ottawa nightclubs and bars where you can have unlimited fun and joy.

Nightclubs in Ottawa

The Byward Market in the heart of downtown Ottawa offers a rich nightlife experience. There are many nightclubs that can be found there, which offer lively atmospheres! We would definitely suggest staying within walking distance so you can let loose and enjoy yourself by taking in the full Ottawa nightclubs experience.

Downtown Ottawa offers these affordable hotels: Les Suites Hotel(***), the Lord Elgin, and Days Inn (on Rideau Street) for about $150 CAD a night. For more affordable options, [Check Here] You could also book an Airbnb if you wanted to save some extra cash. Within walking distance of these great hotels and the University of Ottawa are the following most popular nightclubs in Ottawa:

Whiskey Bar

One of the best bars in Ottawa, with an age restriction of 21+, you’ll find Ottawa’s young people at this bar! With a lineup that can sometimes stretch halfway around the block, it’s worth paying the $20 entrance fee. This bar offers a small intimate environment with a great DJ and young adults from the ages of 21 to 30. Try impressing a girl by buying her a ‘whiskey sour’ drink! The bar’s specialty!

Liquor Store Party Bar

Are you looking for the most talked-about bar in Ottawa nightlife? You’ve found it! Liquor Store Party Bar is one of the most popular nightclubs in Ottawa. If you really want to get a taste of Ottawa nightlife, this is where you need to go.

To get in, you may need to pay up to $40, as they host events (like other bars in Ottawa), but let me tell you that $40 goes a long way in this massive bar. You’ll get to listen to the hottest electronic dance music, and at 1 am, all the ladies get on the bar and dance to ‘Pour some sugar on me’; it’s quite a sight to see!

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Want to party and experience Ottawa nightlife like a local? Downtown Bank Street where you should be at!  You’ll need to venture out of the Market, but it’s worth it to see some of the best Ottawa nightclubs. To get around, you can use local transit (OC Transpo) for less than $4 CAD a ride or even easier download the Uber app! So, are you ready to find out where in Ottawa Canada nightlife everyone can be found? Here you go…

Babylon Nightclub

For less than the price of a beer, come party with large groups of locals and plenty of girls. This bar isn’t very popular with tourists, but it’s where all the locals love to go to listen to good music and have casual conversations. Order yourself and the prettiest girl you see a Coors Light and try out your best pick-up line. This is definitely one of the most fun bars in Ottawa.

Barrymore’s Bar

Ottawa nightlife is very rich and diverse; if hanging out with students and the young crowd isn’t your thing, head to Barrymore’s Bar! Located on Bank Street, Barrymore’s is a renowned nightclub in Ottawa. This club in Ottawa hosts regular events and plays old-school music.

It is one of the only Ottawa nightclubs where you’ll find people over the age of 40! If old-style music is your thing, then order up a vodka cranberry and get on that massive dance floor! The list doesn’t end here, but this page would not be enough to list them all. No worries, when you arrive in Ottawa, you will find out more on every corner!

City At Night

Situated in the heart of downtown Ottawa, City At Night is a chic nightclub that attracts a trendy crowd. With top-notch DJs and a modern ambiance, it’s an ideal place for electronic music enthusiasts looking for a memorable night out.

The Bourbon Room

Inspired by the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans, The Bourbon Room offers a taste of the Big Easy in Ottawa. This nightclub hosts live music, themed parties, and provides a lively setting for a night of entertainment.

Mercury Lounge

Known for its eclectic mix of music genres, Mercury Lounge is a sophisticated venue in the ByWard Market. Whether you’re into electronic, jazz, or house music, this club offers a diverse range of performances in a stylish setting.

The JunXion Public House

Combining a pub atmosphere with a nightclub vibe, The JunXion is a unique venue offering a diverse experience. With live music, DJ sets, and a spacious dance floor, it caters to a broad audience seeking a fun night out.

Mavericks Bar

Mavericks is a go-to destination for those who love live music. This intimate venue showcases local and international bands across various genres, providing a cozy yet energetic environment for music enthusiasts.

House of Targ

If you’re looking for something different, House of Targ is a nightclub with a twist. It combines live music with classic arcade games and serves perogies, creating a distinctive and enjoyable nightlife experience in Ottawa.


Before heading to the nightclubs in Ottawa, it’s better to explore some of the vibrant bars and pubs in the city. Enjoying quick shots and experiencing Ottawa’s bar scene is a great way to socialize and find companionship for the rest of your night. Have fun, and feel free to comment below if you have more options that are not listed here!

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