vinnitsa nightlife

Vinnitsa Nightlife

Actually, most of us probably haven’t heard about this Vinnitsa. I had the chance to travel to Vinnitsa when I visited Ukraine. Vinnitsa is a typical Ukrainian city, located 3 hours away from the capital, Kiev. The people are friendlier compared to Kiev, and the city has a really calm atmosphere. There are museums and parks that need to be visited in Vinnitsa, but the dancing fountain should be seen before leaving the city.

The dancing fountain is the most attractive feature with light shows in Vinnitsa. Apart from that, there is an avenue called Megamall. Most people in Vinnitsa spend their time at this mall, where you can find cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and more. Vinnitsa’s nightlife doesn’t represent colorful and crazy options, but it still has some famous nightclubs to enjoy.

As far as I know, there is only one huge hotel complex in the center of Vinnitsa called Feride Plaza. This hotel is located on Pyrohova Street. If you follow that street down, you will reach the biggest park in the city and the city center of Vinnitsa. There are some universities, especially medicine faculties in Vinnitsa, that accept foreign students from all over the world. The quality of these universities is debatable, but living and experiencing Vinnitsa is unforgettable.


There are lots of accommodation options in Vinnitsa, including hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and flats for rent. I would recommend renting a fully furnished flat instead of a hotel. Don’t worry; with 150 dollars per month, you can find a well-conditioned flat located in the city center. However, you will need a translator to communicate with house owners, as most of them don’t speak English.

Hotels don’t always accept guests from outside or generally ask for an extra charge. But if you book a hotel room for two, there’s no need to pay extra. Vinnitsa’s nightlife, like in other small towns in Ukraine, is good but not enough. Still, the city is calm and affordable for nightlife events.

Nightlife in Vinnitsa

Actually, there is not too much to say about this city, but Feride Plaza has the biggest and well-known nightclub in their complex. Nightclub options are not enough for those who want to jump between different clubs in one night. Available nightclubs in Vinnitsa only serve on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights until 4:00 AM in the morning.

Nightclubs in Vinnitsa may not meet your expectations because a racist movement has been recorded lately against foreigners. There were too many stories about fights in Vinnitsa’s nightlife when I was there. Some students were sharing their experiences, and it didn’t sound good. Anyway, it’s not going to happen to everyone, but just be aware.

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Another nightlife option that worked well for me is water pipe cafes, especially elite ones. Just sit in one of them and wait for your partner to join the table. Sooner or later, you will come face-to-face with someone to invite to your table. It’s more trustworthy, safe, and has great feedback 🙂

Bars in Vinnitsa mostly welcome students and locals. If you want to meet real Ukrainian ladies, you should hang out in cafes or bars instead of nightclubs. As I said, most nightclubs in Vinnitsa are a little dangerous for tourists, but if you go to well-known nightclubs with security, there’s nothing to worry about. If you are from the Middle East or your appearance looks like a Western guy,

I would recommend you to always take a taxi in the middle of the night. According to some trouble in previous times, they have little preconceptions about foreigners. If you want to meet a girl in Vinnitsa before you go, better use some social media. It will help you find out quickly.

Nightclubs & Bars in Vinnitsa

  • Planeta Moda Bar
  • Amagama Night Club
  • MacLeod Pub
  • Feride Plaza Night Club
  • H2O

Enjoy your visit to Vinnitsa and feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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    Vinnitsa is actually has cool nightlife while being outside alone after midnight is not safe for foreigners. you can ask foreign medical students there. but during day, so cool and pretty beautiful girls around.

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