Johannesburg nightlife

Johannesburg Nightlife: Unveiling the City’s Dynamic Nightlife

Johannesburg, home to the richest square mile in all of Africa, Sandton City, is a bustling metropolis both day and night. During the day, the constant hustle and bustle of traffic and passers-by seem to endlessly drone on. It’s at night where the city and its surrounding neighbors come to life. After this brief overview, let’s delve into Johannesburg Nightlife.

Johannesburg Nightlife

Johannesburg nightlife may not be to everyone’s liking due to the high crime rate. However, venturing out for an adventurous evening among the locals, visiting the best clubs in Johannesburg, can be entertaining. With students parading the streets from their local universities and the cheering and chanting of local Africans in their native tongues, Johannesburg nightlife stands as one of Africa’s greatest landmarks.

Events and Nightclubs

From dancing clubs to the hipster squares, Johannesburg nightlife has an abundance of clubs and pubs to wet your whistle. A word of caution to those going out to pick up women: South African ladies are attractive and will definitely put you in your place! Of course, there are ways to coax a lady out of her shell, be it with a fine comedic spread, wicked dance moves, or spending money on her. There’s always a way to win a woman’s heart.

Best Nightclubs in Johannesburg:

  • Lenin’s Vodka Bar
  • Babylon Bar
  • Beerhouse
  • Tiger, Tiger
  • Madison Avenue
  • Carfax

Each one boasts its own unique specials such as R5 drinks or R2 shots. They are all similarly priced, and one can expect to pay between R300 (approximately $24) and R500 (approximately $39) a night on drinking and dinner. If it’s more a bar-hopping event you are interested in, you can go to 7th street in Melville. This street boasts good food, interesting bars, and nightclubs all down a long road for easy access.

By far the greatest event that South Africa has to offer is Oppikoppi. An annual event that lasts one weekend, where music is played nearly constantly, camping is a necessity, and the friends you make here are the friends that you will take away forever.

Having Fun

If you’re looking for an easy African woman to pick up that won’t cost an arm and a leg, it would no doubt be best to find one on the streets of Sandton. Here they wander in pairs, offering packages and deals which may be hard to refuse. If this is your route, then I’d suggest you suit up, as the country is riddled with STDs, the main one being HIV/AIDS. If this is not to your fancy, perhaps it is best to check out the local establishments where ladies are screened and tested not to infect their patrons:

List of Best Places in Johannesburg to Look for Fun

  • Diplomat Hotel Johannesburg: One of the oldest hotels in Johannesburg and all of South Africa, located in Plein Street.
  • Ambassador Hotel: Another affordable location.
  • The Lollipop Lounge: A local strip lounge. Though not a high-class place, The Lollipop Lounge’s standards far exceed that of the previous entrants. But it makes for a good time, looking at attractive women and having a few drinks along with your mates.


Nightlife in Johannesburg has never been synonymous with safety, and it’s for that reason that caution is strictly advised. In the more luxurious areas, such as Sandton/Bryanston, safety is high, as these are the wealthier districts of Johannesburg. However, if you find yourself wandering deep into the city, such as Hillbrow, caution is heavily advised, contributing to Johannesburg’s negative safety rating.


Accommodation is a necessity for any traveler, even if you’re only planning on being in your room to sleep off a hard night’s drinking. When thinking about accommodation, one generally worries about the pricing of where you’re going to stay.

Depending on where you’re headed, you may find a fantastic little bed and breakfast for all your needs that won’t break the bank! Hotels ranged from R300 to R4000 per night. Your options are endless depending on the level of luxury you desire. You can CHECK HERE to find Guest-Friendly Hotels.


Johannesburg Nightlife can be some of the most entertaining if you know where to venture out. There’s no limit to what you can find around the city in terms of bars and nightclubs, each with its own charm. If you have more questions about Johannesburg, South Africa Nightlife, please ask in the comments below without hesitation. Remember to check out Dating an African Woman for meeting beautiful African ladies that would be glad to assist you during your journey in South Africa. Have Fun!


  1. Hey! Diplomat hotel in johannesburg is more than enough for people looking for cheap sex, but do not answer the guys who are yelling to the strangers for the sex offers, they can kill you believe me, they are street pimps who objected to the foreingers,

  2. I want to visit there but i am scared if still safe?

    • Both the Diplomat and Ambassadors are in the rough parts of town. Diplomat is right opposite Noord taxi rank. Ambassadors is in Hillbrow. I live in Joburg CBD but I don’t go near these places at night. If you go I’d suggest using a metered taxi to take you to the door.

  3. hi, i want to meet with foreingers

  4. I wouldn’t recommend to go out at certain time. ask at the hotel lobby to arrange best women for you but stay in your room. Don’t look for adventure at nights in Johannesburg nightclubs. even south Africans could not dare man! be careful. every year how many tourist being killed, tortured, kidnapped, whatsoever. I never go this place again for sure and never recommend!

    Ps: Diplomat hotel is pcs of Sh…t. You will not pick anyone there believe me. the 2 dollar cost was actually reminded me but just wondered and went.

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