Pretoria Nightlife

Pretoria Nightlife: Navigating Pretoria’s Entertainment Hotspots

Pretoria is one of the biggest cities in South Africa.  A beautiful blend of nature and construction, with the elegant Jacaranda trees bursting out of hibernation between spring and summer, leaves a beautiful purple string across the city sky and its floor. Among the beauty lies the true hotspot for local nightlife. With Tuks (Pretoria University) within the city limits, there is an abundance of local spots to drink, meet new friends and lovers, and of course, create lifelong memories serving Pretoria Nightlife.

Pretoria Nightlife

Best Locations for Nightlife

The nightlife scene is not confined to a single street in Pretoria but is dispersed throughout the city, with various popular venues located in different neighborhoods. Here are some areas and streets where you can find a concentration of nightlife options in Pretoria:


Hatfield is known for its vibrant student population, and you can find numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants in and around the Hatfield Square area.


Brooklyn is a more upscale neighborhood with a mix of bars, restaurants, and clubs. It’s known for attracting a diverse crowd.

Pretoria Central:

The central business district of Pretoria has several nightlife spots, including bars and clubs, especially around Bosman Street.

Menlo Park:

Menlo Park is home to various upscale venues, and 26th Avenue in Menlo Park hosts Capital Craft, a popular craft beer venue.

Faerie Glen:

Faerie Glen, where Ridgeback Village Restaurant is located, offers a mix of family-friendly and nightlife establishments.

Nightclubs in Pretoria

A hotspot for the young, wild, and free, Pretoria nightlife has a multitude of nightclubs at its disposal. Here you will find a nightclub for any genre, a pub with any theme, and a bar with any beverage. There’s no limit to what the Pretoria nightlife has to offer. To name a few popular nightclubs in Pretoria:

  • Ridgeback Village Restaurant: Fair warning, before six o’clock, Ridgeback’s is a family dining establishment. Once the clock ticks past, it becomes a haven for any man or woman looking to meet some easy strangers.
  • Aandklas: A buzzing atmosphere, where you can meet students who are almost always looking to get wasted and wake up in someone else’s bed the next morning. With an alternative vibe, the Aandklas venue is for any and all who aren’t for a club where dancing is the only form of communication. Synonymous with Pretoria nightlife, Aandklas is a destination everyone should at least check out once.
  • Babylon/The Recess: Named throughout the week as The Recess, the small drink location transforms on a Saturday night into a roaring club for those who want to go out and have a good time dancing, drinking, and living it up. Babylon, a Saturday night feature of the club, has become a local sensation and tradition among the locals.
  • Camp David Gay Bar: If you find yourself on the lookout for the Pretoria gay community, Camp David’s Gay bar is the place to be. Boasting a beautiful setting to the nightlife and nightclub scene in Pretoria, you will find this bar hits all the right spots.
  • Blue Room: A club with a unique approach, offering options for those who know where to find them. It’s known for catering to certain groups, generally men.
  • Presley’s: Another venue to check out for a night of entertainment and socializing.
  • Die Kantoor: A spot worth exploring for its nightlife offerings.
  • Capital Craft: A venue to consider for a different experience in Pretoria’s nightlife scene.

Since Pretoria is such a major location for students and party-goers, it’s rather peculiar that their events are limited to holidays. With an event at the Voortrekker monument around Halloween time or Easter, it’s not as much for the raucous crowds as its neighboring city, Johannesburg.

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Pick Up Women

As stated above, many locations are more for the students and thus, are easy enough to find local women who are easy to get to. Many are locals who have only recently been given the freedom to do as they please by being in university. A charming smile and a cool demeanor will almost always get you where you want to be! I believe Pretoria Nightlife would get you covered with this!


Depending on where you end up, you will generally find that Pretoria, South Africa Nightlife boasts a warm and welcoming environment. From the city limits out to its neighbors, crime is not as prevalent as in other South African cities.

This could be inspired by the local municipalities working hard to stop crime and bring the country into a kind nation, where instead of fighting, we nurture and care for one another. Along with a strict police force and military presence, Pretoria is perhaps the safest of South Africa’s cities and towns, priding themselves.


Pretoria, as the nation’s capital and political hub, has an extensive list of accommodation for anyone to make their way over, grinning as they come. Hosting foreign nationals, political figures, and other high-ranking officials, celebrities and the like, the surrounding hotels keep themselves at high standards with relatively low costs in comparison to other local, more tourist-oriented locations.

From the Protea Hotel chain that starts at a low price of R250 a night going upward to over R1500, luxurious dwelling is at your fingertips. The more you’re willing to pay, the classier and grander your lodgings will be, as seen in various other hotels such as the Illyria House, starting at a whopping R2600 per night.

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