Best Asian Dating Websites That Promise Love

Dating websites and apps have surged in popularity, captivating the attention of single adults seeking their soulmates online. Through my research, I’ve discovered that Asian single women rank as the most sought-after partners among foreign men worldwide. With this in mind, I’ve undertaken the task of identifying the best Asian dating websites available, so you can embark on your journey to find love with an Asian partner. Before we dive into the world of Asian dating websites, let’s take a closer look at the remarkable qualities of Asian women.

The Allure of Asian Women

Asian girls possess qualities that make building relationships a breeze:

  1. Loyalty and Honesty: Asian women are known for their loyalty and honesty, creating a strong foundation for genuine connections.
  2. A World of Opportunities: If you’re reading this, you’ve likely set your sights on beautiful Asian women. Fortunately, there are millions of Asian singles eager to find their ideal partners and share a life filled with love and happiness.
  3. Simplicity in Love: Dating Asian women becomes effortless when you approach them with kindness, honesty, and clarity. All it takes is a dash of passion and sensibility, along with access to the best Asian dating websites, which will connect you with Asian singles seeking a true soulmate.

Why Choose an Asian Woman?

The reasons to date or marry Asian women are numerous, with their unwavering care and devotion topping the list. Asian women are naturally inclined to fulfill every aspect of a man’s life, both socially and spiritually. If you find happiness in your current relationship with an Asian woman, why not take it a step further and marry her? Personally, I pondered this question and made the decision to wed an Asian woman.

Nearly 9 years into our marriage, my life is more settled and successful than ever. To find your own answer to this question, seek an Asian girl who values love and care over financial gain. Asian women are known for their loyalty, honesty, beauty, and their ability to care for you and your family.

Avoiding Pitfalls: Dealing with Scammers

While Asia holds promise for genuine connections, it’s vital to be cautious, especially if you’re an older individual seeking a much younger partner. Scammers are present everywhere, and Asia is no exception. Be wary when a young Asian woman expresses interest in your financial resources rather than your love.

If you’re in your 50s and pursuing a woman in her 20s, be aware that her intentions might not align with true love. To avoid such pitfalls, exercise caution, and refrain from sending money to anyone before you’ve built trust through time and interactions.

Marrying Asian Singles: A Real Possibility

Marrying Asian singles is indeed a possibility. Asian women display remarkable adaptability and easily embrace different cultures. Many of them live and work abroad without facing significant cultural barriers. In fact, they readily adapt to even the most distant cultures, including those of the Middle East.

Asian women often dream of marrying foreigners, as they find Western men, especially from the US, UK, Canada, and Europe, more attractive than Asian men. Notably, the Philippines and Thailand rank as top destinations for foreign husbands, with Asian women being the most sought-after foreign partners globally.

Discover the 10 Best and Trustable Asian Dating Websites

Now, let’s embark on a journey to uncover the top Asian dating websites available online. While some services offer free registration, essential features often require a premium upgrade. Rest assured, my recommendations are the result of extensive research, and any commissions I may receive are a testament to my dedication to finding the most reliable Asian dating platforms for you. Ultimately, your life and your decision determine your path to finding the love you’ve been seeking.


asian dating websites boasts a plethora of features aimed at helping you discover your soulmate. With over 2.5 million active members, confidently claims the top spot on our list of the Best Asian Dating Websites. The majority of members hail from Asian countries, including the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, and other parts of Asia. Remarkably, has facilitated over 2,000 couples in finding their true loves – and these are just the reported success stories.

Countless Asian singles continue to search for their ideal partners, hoping to find their heroes on this platform. As a new member, you can join for free, granting you limited access to certain essential features. To unlock the full spectrum of capabilities, which can significantly aid in your quest to find your soulmate, it’s advisable to upgrade to a premium or gold membership. This step is almost essential for enhancing your chances of finding that special someone.



thai dating website

When it comes to Thai dating websites, ThaiCupid stands out as one of the best, with a staggering success rate of nearly 90%. Believe me, many individuals seeking love online have attested to the high success rates and minimal instances of scams on

Thai women are among the most enthusiastic seekers of foreign husbands, eager to enhance their future lives. No, this doesn’t imply that they’re only interested in your financial resources, especially if you’re not in your 50s. In fact, Thai women often hold foreigners in high regard, believing them to be the most romantic individuals on the planet.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Moreover, hosts a variety of Thai ladies, including those seeking companionship, fun, and quality time with men. In essence, you’ll find all kinds of Thai women on this platform, eagerly awaiting a friendly “hi” from you. Consider giving this website a try before your trip to Thailand; you’ll only need a week to get everything sorted in the Land of Smiles.

Take a look at the trust score table below, revealing which countries primarily visit worldwide. As you can see, approximately 16.5% of visitors hail from Thailand, underscoring that this website’s user base is predominantly from Thailand, with a substantial number of real users.

thai dating website scoreSIGN UP THAICUPID.COM FOR FREE NOW!


filipino dating website

My love story took root right here on, and I’m now celebrating our 9th year together with my wonderful wife. But, in addition to finding the love of my life, I also encountered some amazing Filipino girls on this platform during my brief business trips to Manila. (And yes, my wife knows all about it, and she’s perfectly fine with it! 😊) The point is, offers opportunities to connect with Filipino singles for various reasons.

FilipinoCupid played a pivotal role in my journey and has been a tremendous help in many ways. I firmly believe it can do the same for you. With over 12 years in the online dating scene and a membership base of over 3.5 million members, FilipinoCupid proudly stands as the premier Filipino-specific dating website. Take a look at the trust score table below, which underscores the trustworthiness and popularity of in the world of online dating. (Most visitors from USA and UK looking for their Filipino partner.)

filipino dating website scoreSIGN UP FILIPINOCUPID.COM FOR FREE NOW!


hong kong dating website

Hong Kong may be small, but it’s a bustling, vibrant place, often described as a city as lively as heaven itself. Imagine having a soulmate from Hong Kong even before you set foot in this thrilling metropolis, sharing unforgettable days together. That’s the kind of opportunity you can find on, the ultimate website for dating Hong Kong women online.

While trust score data isn’t available for this country, rest assured that can be your gateway to exciting encounters and meaningful connections in the captivating city of Hong Kong.



indonesian dating website

IndonesianCupid ranks as the third-best website for individuals seeking a serious relationship, right after Filipinocupid. This platform excels in facilitating marriages and long-term commitments. Most Indonesian women on this dating platform are in search of lasting, meaningful relationships rather than short-term flings.

Indonesia, known for its conservative values, is home to over 1 million Indonesian singles who are eagerly waiting to find their soulmates. Explore the trust score table for below.indonesian dating website scoreSIGN UP INDONESIANCUPID.COM FOR FREE NOW!


japanese dating website

Japanese girls are often regarded as some of the most serious and wise women on our list. They can present a unique challenge, as many of them are not primarily seeking marriage or casual encounters. Instead, they are curious about meeting people from different nationalities and exploring diverse cultures. Remember, Japan stands as one of the most powerful and affluent countries globally, and its citizens often prioritize cultural understanding over marriage or entertainment.

While dating Japanese girls may not be a walk in the park, it’s far from impossible. It requires time, dedication, and a genuine passion for engaging in meaningful conversations with them. The true dating experience typically begins when you meet them in Japan or another location. Explore the trust score for below to gain insight into this intriguing realm of Japanese dating.

japanese dating website scoreSIGN UP JAPANESECUPID.COM FOR FREE NOW!


korean dating site

Korean people are renowned for their warmth and their dedication to taking care of their loved ones. This is a significant reason why many US men prefer to marry them. While their English proficiency may not be top-notch, they excel in the realm of dating, making them highly sought-after partners. KoreanCupid boasts a vast community of Korean singles eagerly awaiting their ideal matches.

Keep in mind that to unlock all the essential features for building trust and love with Korean ladies, you’ll need to be a premium member. Moreover, you’ll come across individuals who can at least communicate in basic English. If you’ve had the opportunity to visit Korea, you’ll understand precisely what I’m referring to!

Building trust and love with Korean women may require some premium features, but it’s worth the effort. Explore and discover what aligns best with your expectations. Below, you’ll find the trust score for

korean dating site scoreSIGN UP KOREANCUPID.COM FOR FREE NOW!


chinese dating site

Are you interested in meeting Chinese singles? Look no further, as there are a million Chinese singles eager to find their soulmates on ChinaLoveCupid. Among the many Chinese dating websites, ChinaLoveCupid stands out as the best in the dating market. offers a range of both free and premium features that can assist you in your quest to find your Chinese match.

With features like access to messages, advanced matching, instant messaging, and more, you have the tools you need at your disposal. You can even review your Chinese matches for free! Explore and discover the trust score for this platform, as you open the door to a world of Chinese singles seeking love and companionship.



singporean dating website

Singapore has emerged as one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations, catering to both those seeking relationships and those in search of fun and adventure. Anyone who visits Singapore may find themselves returning, captivated by its limitless fun, vibrant nightlife, and hassle-free nightclubs. But is that all? Absolutely not! Singapore is also a magnet for a significant number of gentlemen in pursuit of beautiful Singaporean singles.

However, one important factor to consider is that Singaporean ladies tend to be shy, and many prefer to meet potential partners online. This is where comes into play, with its extensive database featuring thousands of young Singaporean singles. By becoming a premium member, you can unlock the full range of features offered by the most Singaporean-specific dating website. Explore and find out more about the trust score for this platform, as you embark on a journey to discover romance and fun in Singapore.

singporean dating website scoreSIGN UP SINGAPORELOVELINKS.COM FOR FREE NOW!


vietnam dating site

Vietnam, a land of silent but beautiful and loyal single ladies, has become a paradise for those seeking genuine connections. Vietnamese singles are increasingly flocking to this website, driven by a desire to meet their foreign love. They aren’t merely searching for handsome companions; instead, they yearn for real men who can provide care and support for both them and their children.

If you’re genuinely seeking a lifelong friend, you’re on the right path by choosing a Vietnamese lady as your partner. stands as the premier Vietnamese-specific dating website, offering a platform where you can explore and forge meaningful connections. Unlock the trust score for and embark on a journey to discover the silent beauty and unwavering loyalty of Vietnamese singles.

vietnam dating site scoreSIGN UP VIETNAMCUPID.COM FOR FREE NOW!

In Conclusion: Exploring Asia for Fun and Serious Relationships

Asia emerges as the ultimate destination for individuals seeking both fun and serious relationships. However, it’s essential to note that connecting with Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese singles tends to be more straightforward, with quicker responses compared to Japanese and Singaporean singles.

If you’re inclined towards serious relationships with Japanese and Singaporean individuals, consider meeting them online and subsequently visiting their countries or inviting them to your homeland to establish trust.

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These Asian dating websites I’ve introduced here have been personally tested for security and trustworthiness, making them excellent options to achieve your goals. Best of luck, and please feel free to share your experiences in the comments if you’ve found your soulmate through these platforms.


  1. I was subscribe to filipinocupid and found my soul mate but you really need to pay to contact girls that visit ur profile. Good luck!

  2. Best asian dating sites are on this list. Chinese are mostly trap but on thaicupid and filipino cupid there are some serious beautiful girls waiting for serious relationships. Dont waste your time with free users because you can not reach the core features such as instant message which is very important to talk. It is affordable also. Thanks for the list.

  3. How can I meet Asian girl specially Thai girl? I have been to Phuket and all of the girls there is money eater. If you don’t have money you have no girl. I want to meet online because I don’t like to pay women. All I want a women spent her time with me when we are together and forget me when I come back to home. Please advise any pro tip to find women like my description?

    • Hi,

      It’s very hard to find locals who are not be with you for money. Most of them knows that you are there for sex only and you will leave them soon. Put yourself into their shoes, you would date for nothing? Of course not. But still there are many girls around Thailand (Thailand is not only consist of Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok) they really love to be with you not because they love you, just because they want to spend good time for free. If I did not get you wrong, you are looking for a women who will date with you for your limited vacation period. So seeking those women while in Thailand is time consuming and in most cases useless. (If you are not super good looking guy). What I recommend for you to find your Thai girl online before 3 months to give her trust. All you need to do is hit the link (THAICUPID), become member and explain yourself clear. In this website, there are some girls are in same mind with you. They only want to hang out with you and enjoy dinner, activities, sight-seeing and clubbing. Of course a little gifts like a dress or purse or perfume. That’s it. Trust me, those girls are safer than the club girls. Also this way you may be advantage of having safe sex as this girls are not prostitutes and they will make you happier than the one that you have met in few hours.

      My pro tip here is just explain your real intention. DO NOT lie them with marriage or long term relation legends. They are also very clever, once they feel that they are fooled, they will be worse than the girls in nightclub!

      Good luck.

  4. I want to meet a honest philiphino girl, please help me I am so serious as I want to set up a new life with new women, I am 35 years old from new Zealand. I have a good house to live and good income. My problem is I still can not find my soul mate. I have subscribe above Filipino dating website. I have met some nice people but I want to write here as well may good help me to find a real girl who wants to get marry with me. Please I am so serious just contact with me. Don’t worry i am not ugly guy

  5. Hi, i have paid subscription to thaicupid. Just a reccomendation if any girl asking for help for her mother sick in hospital or anyone who needs money for any reason, keep away direct. I have sent just to test this girl and i was right. She block me from all contact that i had with her. I just sent 50 dollars its not a big deal but there are really a scammers in this site. I am planning to move filipinocupid where i can find more honest people to get marry. By the way i am single from Algeria wants to get marry any asian nationality. Feel free to reply this message by giving contact adress. I am 29 years old and have a decent life. House in Algeria and good income. Serious girls please contact with me.

  6. i got my love from thaicupid. if you really searching someone to marry, i reccomend thaicupid.

  7. Planing to visit Thailand, can i find a fun partner during my stay? does thaicupid safe to become premium, i mean if i become premium, the system guarantee me that i will find women for fun?

    • Hi James,
      First of all Thai cupid is one of the best Thai Ethnic dating site among the others. You can trust the girls there as Thai cupid has lead thousands of couples to find each other. For your second question, no dating platform in this world can guarantees finding a partner. It’s all about you and your skills. But premium is a must as you may need more functions available for you to contact with them easily. Becoming free member will not help you except checking profiles and some other useless features. GO TO THAICUPID HERE and create an account. Become premium and enjoy finding your soul mate. No limitation. Yes it’s paid but look at this world who else giving you free service especially in dating sector. Hope this helps.

  8. I would not believe that kind of sites are really working but it worked for me to find my thai girl for summer only. Just be your real intention.dont be rude, you can really simply tell them this is a summer love of which both sides will be happy. Its recommended since the ladies in the streets are really risky.those girls on this website they are safe and usually from urban reagions. Good luck

  9. Among Asian girls, Japanese girls are pretty good. Here are some recommended Japanese dating sites:

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