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La Cafe Manila Philippines Ultimate Guide

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, hosts thousands of cafes, bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, casinos, and more. This is the reason why Filipinos describe it as “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Yes, that is truly accurate. If you’re eager to learn more about Manila’s nightlife, you can read more [HERE] However, I’d like to highlight one of the best cafe-bars and the most popular hotspot for nightlife enthusiasts in Manila – “LA CAFE MANILA.” By coincidence, I stumbled upon this bar, and thanks to that, I discovered a new destination for nightlife aficionados, offering various and unlimited fun.

Last Updated: 15 August, 2023


La Cafe Manila is located at 1429 M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita, Manila. For those familiar with Robinson Mall, it’s approximately a 7-minute walk to reach LA Cafe.


LA Cafe is open year-round, 24/7. Yes, it’s true. The bar never closes its doors, but during daytime, between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM, it’s less crowded. However, if you’re looking to keep the drinks flowing and pass the time, LA Cafe is still at your service. You might find a few girls around during this time who haven’t yet found a partner, but they could likely be tired. The optimal time to visit LA Cafe is after 1:00 AM, continuing until the break of dawn, when the girls are fresh and active.


LA Cafe is a blend of a restaurant and a bistro bar. They usually feature a local but excellent live band between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. The LA Cafe restaurant provides a selection of international and local breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner options at any time of the day. The venue comprises two floors. The ground floor, which is free of charge, is usually the most crowded and preferred by freelancers. The second floor hosts live bands and dancing, and there’s an entrance fee. Additionally, pool tables are available on the first floor.


Many visitors are concerned about safety at LA Café, but this is simply a misconception. LA Cafe is entirely safe. I have visited there almost every day and stayed for about 6 hours each time. Nothing happened, and nothing will happen to you unless you create trouble yourself! LA Cafe Manila is secured by bodyguards, and the staff at the entrance are vigilant. Scammers are not allowed inside as they are known to the people around. The staff genuinely care about their guests, except for the overeager waitresses who frequently ask for tips. You aren’t obligated to give, but it can be a bit awkward for me.


There is no entrance fee at LA Cafe. There is no specific dress code for the bar, meaning you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in. The pricing at the bar is quite reasonable. You’ll only need to pay 120 to 150 pesos for a beer of your choice, which is cheaper than what you’d find at a casual restaurant in Manila. They don’t charge any additional fees. You just need to review your bill to ensure its accuracy. Each time you place an order, you’ll receive a bill. When you request the bill, they’ll collect all the vouchers and provide you with the final bill.


This post might not be suitable for everyone, as LA Cafe is not just a bar but also a prominent meeting spot for those seeking love, romance, and fun, or whatever you prefer to call it. It’s a girlie bar where many Filipino freelancers are waiting for men to choose them for the night. I’m not exaggerating when I say that about 7 out of 10 guests inside are women. However, these women are predominantly freelancers. Keep in mind that only money speaks at LA Cafe Manila, nothing else!

If you’re handsome and hoping to meet a girl for free, this place isn’t for you. Don’t rely solely on your looks. While they might aid in negotiations, they won’t guarantee you a free encounter with a Filipino girl. Yes, it’s genuinely true. Don’t push too hard; simply negotiate with the girls without hesitation. Inside, you’ll find girls ranging from 17 to 40 years old. Once you’re there, the girls will compete to get your attention first. You might feel like Brad Pitt, as many eyes will be on you.


  • Bargain with the lady before leaving and ensure she understands your agreement well. In some cases, they might request more money after an intimate encounter. So, make sure the deal is crystal clear!
  • Don’t let the women lead you upstairs at LA Cafe. There’s an entrance fee for the upper floor due to the live band, and drinks might be pricier for women.
  • Don’t pay any bar fine if requested. Remember, there is no bar fine at LA Cafe.
  • Arrange for a full night with the lady, not just a short encounter. Many of them leave right after the initial interaction. Ask them to commit to staying until morning.
  • Politely ignore the street vendors and beggars around LA Cafe. Don’t make eye contact with them. They aren’t dangerous but can be annoying.

Prices generally start at 4000 pesos per night, depending on you and the woman you choose. They might ask for 6000 to 7000 pesos, but this is often just a starting point. If you’re new to this, they might easily take advantage of you. The 3000 pesos rate might only be available if the girl is interested in you. If you’re older, unfortunately, the price might increase. An average lady might accompany you for the entire night at a cost ranging from 3000 to 7000 pesos, depending on various factors.


If you’re visiting Manila to enjoy the company of different women each night and indulge in drinks, you’ll want to stay at a guest-friendly hotel near LA Cafe. This will allow you to enjoy both the day and night around Malate. However, you need to be cautious when selecting a hotel, and here’s why:

The hotel must be guest-friendly; otherwise, you might be charged extra for your guests.

The hotel must have reliable security, especially when sending off your guests. They should contact you for approval before releasing your guest’s ID. It’s important to prioritize hotel security as you never know what might happen with someone you’ve just met.

The hotel should be within close walking distance to LA Cafe Manila, allowing you to return to the fun quickly. Additionally, staying close can help you avoid taxi scams in the middle of the night.

During my stay in Manila, I researched hotels that perfectly fit these criterias. You can choose from the list of hotels below, depending on your budget. These hotels are conveniently located right in the center on Pedro Gil Street, providing a safe and secure environment. As you can see below, there’s a large shopping mall called Robinson Place, and on the same street, you’ll find a police station.

I’ll start by sharing where I stayed and why I recommend it:

“Please note that this part contains affiliate links, which help enhance the website experience and provide me with a source of income to support my livelihood. When you use these links to book hotels, you pay the same amount as usual, and Agoda compensates me for the booking made through the provided links. So, if you are considering booking a hotel, kindly utilize my affiliate links for your purchase. This way, I can benefit from your stay. Thank you.”


This is an incredible location right next to Robinson Mall, offering a secure, comfortable, and budget-friendly stay. I paid 2500 pesos per night, but prices may vary depending on the season and availability. This tower consists of 5 different hotels, all providing daily cleaning, AC, a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and more. I was pleasantly surprised by how convenient the location is.

However, this tower is just a 7-minute walk to LA Cafe Manila and is quite secure. They are a completely guest-friendly hotel. You can host your guest after she leaves her ID with security. No one will ask you any questions. This is guaranteed! The only downside is that the elevators can be busy at times, and you might have to wait for around 5 minutes. There are 5 different hotels in this tower. Here is the list of hotels in Birch Tower, along with the booking links for your convenience:




You can click on the hotel names to view full details and pricing for the hotel you wish to stay at. If you’re looking for other options, such as hotels closer to Pedro Gil Street, here are some other guest-friendly hotels you might want to consider:

AG NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL BOOK NOW (Distance to LA cafe: 3 Minute walking distance)

LAS PALMAS HOTEL DE MANILA BOOK NOW (Distance to LA cafe: 5 Minute walking distance)

PALM GROVE HOTEL BOOK NOW (Distance to LA cafe: 6 Minute walking distance)

Enjoy your time and feel free to share your experiences or ask any questions you might have down below. Have a blast!


  1. LA cafe is the best and only freelancer bar in Malate. prices are better then Uncle Cheffy (a middle east restaurant) Uncle Cheffy charged me around 500 peso for 2 Heineken Beer. i even did not paid that much in nightclub. La cafe is safe for cost and atmosphere. to many girls waiting inside for you. i took one for 1500 pesos for all night. but she asked me 4000 before. i am handsome and 27 y.o it also affect. good luck and have fun

  2. Hi, minimum lady goes with you 2000 pesos which is a old and not too sexy one. If you go for charm one, even you are brad Pitt they will ask 4000 min. Cheapest time in la cafe is after 5:00 Am but you may not find a good one. Who knows 🙂 enjoy

    • the Starbucks at the SM io the street from Bay Cafe is also a freelancer spot. Just grab your coffee head to the patio outside… And keep your eyes open you’ll get sone (obvious) looks. Gesture fir her to join you at your table … Have a chat then ask her if she wants to go with you … great for mid morning to afternoon action.

  3. La cafe Thé best and safiest bar in Malate enjoy your night, Mark was there heheheh

  4. I agree with you about la cafe. Years ago I stayed Las Palmas hotel. I found it not only comfortable and guest frendly. Back to la cafe. In my opinion it is without a fun place to spend your time in. In my opinion the girls range from 18 to 40 and can be rated between a la 5 and 7. About the cost of the girls. Depending on what desires you want, expect 1500 to 2500. However, if you want special services expect to pay more. But over all if you think about it for less then 5000 pesos it a great deal.

  5. Very Informative thank you…my question is are there girls in there 24/7?

    I ask because I only have 2 days in Manila…wanted to hit Edsa Ent. Complex, P Burgos and Adriatico near Robinsons also

    • Hi Bruce,

      If you have only 2 days, its better for you to stuck around malate and enjoy the night outs in LA cafe. Roaming around the spots that you mentioned may cost you money and time as you stated you have limited time.

  6. I’m a local. I go there and look for h..k..s .I waited for 4 hours .nada. every girl were ugly . Why is that

    • Hi Jasper,

      There is no such people to promote anything at LA cafe. You just need to talk with the lady that you like directly, you don’t need anyone to assist you. good luck.

  7. Hey Ya’ll.

    Here in Manila right this moment…will go to LA Cafe 2night and find me a nice and prefreble young lady to have a great time with

    I was here a couple of years ago and picked up some different girls. 2500 p back then for all the girls I took out. Nice and tiny girls around 25 yo…great time. Took 3 ladies my last night! To have great time with 3 ladies at the same time takes your man

    Also had a great 3some on Boracay of all place that time….man those were the days.

    I’m married so I took the girls to the short time hotel right outside the entrance of LA Cafe…I don’t remember the name. The only thing I remember was that the price was 700 p and you got a basket with toothbrush, towels, soap and condom

    Anyone know the name and if it is still the same? Best regards John…

  8. So what if my hotel is quite far away (for business reasons), but I still want to take a girl out for fun. WHat do you suggest me to do?

    • Hi Stevo,

      It really depends on your hotel location, La Cafe for Ermita region. I cant comment you if i have no idea where do you stay. Please share your full holiday story here, we would like to hear your experience and share on

  9. When my wife is away. I want to explore all the girls around the metro Manila.
    I went to la cafe but sadly all of them looked like our house maid.
    their price were outrageous also
    the face value was 4/10 but she told me her rate was 5k
    anyway. hard to park your car here as well

  10. Corona update: it’s not crowded as before in last year. I go there every year and I never seen la cafe empty like this before. It was first time closed for few days during lock down in Manila. Stay safe

  11. Great place and very central. Cheap also. Girls are so beautiful inside. Definitely recommend

  12. I disagree with your advice about Birch Tower and specifically JMM Grand Suites. This buiding is not guest friendly and to prove this they have even installed turnstyle type gates to access the elevator area. There is always a security guard by these turnstyles. In the days before they installed them it was not guest friendly either and visitors were subjected to insutling questions about their reasons for visiting.
    All the hotels in Birch tower are also pretty expensive for what they are and due to the design of the building there are none that face the bay directly. Worth pointing out for anyone hoping to get a sea view room. Sorry to be so negative but having stayed in JMM myself for 2 weeks and realising how shit it was for the money paid I thought I would comment.

  13. Question – Is the EDSA Entertainment Complex closed? Also is it easy to catch a GRAB from LA Cafe to Makati after midnight? Thanks

    • Haven’t been there so I am not sure. Regarding Grab, you may get Grab easily at nights but due to the High traffic during day around Ermita, Grab is not really coming short distances. Joyride or Angkas may be a good options since they are motorbikes if you are alone.

    • Malate not too far from Makati – I used to walk from the Diamond Hotel 2 blocks from the bay cafe to Makati Mc donalds… took me about an hour. No problem getting a cab to Makati on the street or walk over to the SM … cabs galore on that busy street.

  14. What year was this article written

    • 2018 but I have updated time to time. Any correction you may need to add, you can comment here. Thanks,

      • I wanted to leave an update. I went to the LA Cafe and it was absolutely as stated. So many beautiful girls. Unfortunately you don’t get to walk around and take your pick if you go when it’s packed because they will swarm you as stated. Like you are Brad Pitt. I hate being owned as soon as I walk into a place..I don’t know how to politely say no once they have suckered me into an intoduction.. I’m still new at this.. my hotel was the executive hotel.. it was nearby, and guest friendly. I negotiated my girl down to 3500 from 5k.. I was pretty happy.. we were hitting it off.. unfortunately I didn’t read the entire article about negotiating for it to include till morning. Once we got to my room, she went to the bathroom to shower.. came out in a towel.. then I went in to shower.. omg.. she had taken a dump and stunk up the bathroom bad.. gross.. then She was a mechanical, in a hurry, and laid there like a dead fish , no fun.. about 15 minutes in she looked at the time on her phone which had been getting alerts the entire time we (I) was doing the deed and asked me to hurry so she could go back to work In the bar.. I didn’t even argue.. what’s the use.. so unprofessional.. lost my wood.. had to finish myself off on her stomach.. while she had a hurry up look on her face. treated her respectfully the entire time.. even though it tested me. I am still figuring out this hobby.
        Good luck out there guys.

  15. Hi Admin,

    Could I confirm that if the BR short time hotel next to LA Cafe is still open for business? Or any other ST hotels nearby? If so, what are the rates for 2-3 hours?

  16. Any updates this end of february admin? Wanted to visit La Cafe this week.

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