Istanbul nightlife

Istanbul Nightlife Scenes: Nightclubs & Bars

Istanbul is one of the largest metropolises in the world. With a population of more than 20 million and a history spanning over 2000 years, Istanbul stands out as one of the most attractive places to visit globally. When you come to Istanbul, you immediately feel the atmosphere of history in every corner you explore. Sultan Ahmet, the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, Taksim, and much more that I cannot list here contribute to the city’s charm.

The city is vast and bustling, with its most significant drawback being the traffic. Istanbul boasts two international airports, offering direct flights from over 250 countries. I recommend nightlife enthusiasts to stay around Besiktas, Taksim, Ortakoy, and Kadıkoy (the Anatolian part) for the best Istanbul nightlife experience.

Istanbul Nightlife

When someone mentions nightlife in Istanbul, they are likely referring to Taksim or Ortakoy. Istanbul nightlife primarily thrives in Taksim or Ortakoy. Although these areas are a bit far from each other, buses run until the early morning. However, I recommend hanging out in the Taksim area, which remains lively and crowded until the morning hours. If you are curious about where the safe nightlife areas are for tourists in Istanbul, the answer is Taksim, where many tourists hang around to find the best nightclub or bar to experience Istanbul nightlife.

Taksim Square is the heart of Istanbul, and anyone who visits the city should not leave before experiencing Taksim. Nightlife in Taksim is concentrated on Istiklal Street, the longest and busiest street in Istanbul, with over 2 million people passing by within 24 hours. It’s not a joke; you’ll witness it with your own eyes. Sometimes, it’s challenging to walk due to the crowd.

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Nevizade Street, where you can find bars and pubs with open doors and a bustling atmosphere, is connected to Istiklal Street. Sometimes, it’s hard to find available chairs at those bars. You must visit Nevizade, and Asmalı Mescid is another destination on Istiklal Street.

Both are within walking distance, and strolling in this atmosphere will undoubtedly excite you. Thousands of nightclubs, bars, and pubs are located here, offering everything you would expect from Taksim. The best thing to do, in my opinion, in Istanbul is to become a bit drunk (not overly so) and walk on Istiklal Street. You’ll feel fantastic.


Accommodation is really vital to consider before visiting Istanbul. Taksim, Ortakoy, Besiktas, Kadikoy, and Beyazit are safe places to stay for tourists, suitable for both nightlife and historical visits. However, if you are particularly interested in nightlife, stay in Taksim, where you will find thousands of bars, pubs, and nightclubs. You can use Airbnb to rent an apartment in Taksim, or check HERE to see the list of hotels in Taksim.


Be careful at night, as some drunk individuals might disturb you. Stay away from the crowd, especially at night. Taxis often charge double, especially when they know you are already drunk. Be cautious. Ask your questions to Turkish ladies, as they love foreigners. Turkish ladies are really friendly and helpful. Even though I had a good nightlife experience, always remember that you are in a Muslim country with a conservative culture. Behave within the bounds of these terms. Clubbing around Ortakoy could be more expensive than in Taksim.

Taksim Nightclubs:

360 (Istiklal Caddesi Mısır Apt. Kat 8 No:311 Beyoglu)
Wan-na (Kanyon AKM, Buyukdere Cad. No. 206)
Jolly Joker Balans (Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No: 22 Beyoglu)
Club Lupe (Istiklal Street right above McDonald’s)
Living Indigo (Istiklal Cad. Akarsu Sk. No:1-2-4-5, Beyoglu)
Babylon Bomonti (Birahane Sokak No:1 Bomonti, Sisli)

Ortakoy Nightclubs:

Anjelique (Muallim Naci cad. Salhane Sok. No:5 Ortakoy)
Blackk (Muallim Naci Cad. No:71 Ortakoy)
Sortie (141 Muallim Naci caddesi Kurucesme Ortakoy)

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