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Erasmus Party: Unforgettable Student Experiences

Partying is an inevitable part of students’ and youth’s lives. Therefore, we have decided to write about the vibrant Erasmus party scenes, which are available almost every day and everywhere in European countries. For those who may not have any idea about Erasmus, let me provide a brief explanation below.

Erasmus or ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is a study abroad project (exclusive to European Union countries) available to college, bachelor, and master students, enabling them to study in any European country of their choice.

Through the Erasmus student exchange program, thousands of students travel all around Europe each year, enjoying their 6 to 12 months (1-2 academic periods) in their preferred country. ESN primarily focuses on cultural exchange and the development of knowledge and skills. This represents the theoretical aspect of Erasmus.

However, for students and youth, Erasmus signifies the best way to travel, discover life in different European cities, and revel in parties at every corner of Europe. Plus, you receive a monthly scholarship from the European Union (the amount varies by country but is usually satisfactory).

Timeline from Institutes

Imagine receiving a monthly stipend, studying at prestigious European universities, and meeting students from various countries and cultures. Furthermore, universities are prepared to provide you with all the resources to maximize your fun and experiences during your Erasmus program since you are their guest.

Eric P. (a Latvian student from Germany) shares, “It might be the best moment of my entire life. I spent two terms in Germany/Berlin and had unforgettable memories. Erasmus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Almost all universities offer guides (usually selected from local students) to assist you during your Erasmus journey. The first two weeks may be spent visiting museums and other cultural sites, often bypassing classes.

Subsequently, authorized guides initiate Erasmus party arrangements. They are there to help you find the best party options and nightly entertainment available every day. These events include not only parties but also concerts and various youth organizations.

Erasmus Party Reminders

Even though Erasmus guides are available to inform you about such parties, you can still develop your own methods to discover more options. There are numerous platforms on social media to assist you.

I can confidently say that social media is the primary source for party notifications. Many clubs and bars, especially in Europe, announce their party schedules through their social media platforms. It’s advisable to follow your favorite venues’ social accounts and your WhatsApp/Facebook groups (created by your Guides) to stay updated on upcoming events or parties.

Miia S. (a Finnish ESN student from Poland) says, “If I had the opportunity to join again, I would resign from my job now!”

ESN also has its own Community Site/Facebook Page that connects Erasmus students and shares information. They are active volunteers and organizations that help you make the most of your Erasmus adventure. Additionally, Erasmus students can benefit from country-based Facebook pages or groups that announce any parties or events available in your city or country.

Erasmus Party Venues

Finally, I would like to describe the venues where Erasmus students usually party. In essence, they party everywhere! Yes, it’s quite common to see them partying on trams, public buses, trains, and in the streets.

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However, the most preferred and popular venue is often a room or corridor in their dormitories. A student is a student everywhere in the world, and this is the most affordable way for them to have fun. They buy supplies at the market and enjoy themselves in the dormitory, meeting up to play music in the kitchen, room, or wherever space is available on the spot…

Simon B. (a Portuguese ESN student from France) reminisces, “I am 33 now, and my Erasmus experience was 7 years ago. My feelings and memories are still fresh and will remain so until the end of my life, I guess. I miss it a lot…”

This dormitory scene is just a warm-up for going out. ESN students often prefer to have drinks at home or in affordable pubs to get ready for clubbing. To be honest, clubbing is not usually the top choice for ESN students, as pubs and local bars offer more fun than clubs.

There are some reputable pubs or bars that are favored by ESN students in almost all European cities. They are easy to find, and most likely, your guides will recommend such venues. These bars serve as meeting points for Erasmus students and offer Erasmus-oriented programs or events almost every day!

Erasmus Experience

Erasmus was the best experience, not only for others but also for me! I spent six months in Poland/Lodz. To be honest, like others, I can’t forget my memories and experiences. I wish it could be possible for me again 🙁

To conclude, here are the best countries and cities for experiencing maximum Erasmus party scenes in Europe. Poland is undoubtedly number one. The remaining countries and cities are ranked based on their affordability and popularity among ESN students.

  • Poland: Wroclaw – Krakow – Warsaw – Poznan – Lodz.
  • Latvia: Riga
  • Lithuania: Vilnius – Kaunas
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • Czechia: Prague – Ostrava
  • Estonia: Tallinn
  • Portugal: Porto – Lisbon
  • Spain: Barcelona – Madrid – Valencia
  • Italy: Rome – Milan – Venice
  • France: Paris – Lyon – Marseille
  • Germany: Berlin – Hamburg – Frankfurt – Stuttgart
  • Austria: Vienna

Finally, Erasmus is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that every student needs to experience. Fun is guaranteed, and memories are unforgettable. If you also have similar memories from your Erasmus experience, please feel free to comment below to share and encourage others. Have fun!

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