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Kiev Nightlife Scenes: 2014 Updates

Kiev the capital city of Ukraine, stands out as one of the premier nightlife destinations, especially for Europeans. This popularity can be attributed to three key factors: affordability, an array of thrilling nightlife options, and the presence of stunning Ukrainian girls. It’s not just Europeans who flock to Kiev; people from around the world visit for its renowned vibrant nightlife and the allure of beautiful companions.

As the capital of fun center in Ukraine, Kiev charms anyone who visits, inspiring many to return. Regrettably, Kiev has seen a decline in its popularity for nightlife due to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Traveling to the region is currently deemed unsafe, and it is hoped that the situation will be resolved soon, allowing visitors to once again enjoy the unforgettable nightlife scenes that Kiev was renowned for. However, I will be providing tips from the pre-war era although it’s not advisable to travel Kiev

Kiev Nightlife Tips

Nightlife in Kiev is not confined to a particular street or square, given the city’s vastness. However, certain areas boast a concentration of bars and nightclubs. Maidan Square, located at the heart of Kiev, is a popular nightlife hub. Another hotspot is Arena-City on Basceynaya Street, offering a complex experience ranging from strip clubs to bars and nightclubs. Be cautious, though:

  1. Some bars employ attractive ladies to entice foreigners to cover their expenses, so be aware of their intentions.
  2. Freelance Ukrainian girls in nightclubs might engage in playful behavior but may leave you with a hefty bill.
  3. Dress code is crucial in Ukrainian nightclubs; comply with it to avoid issues with the establishment’s security.
  4. Minimize carrying large amounts of cash; if possible, use credit cards to prevent pickpocketing incidents.
  5. Call a taxi rather than hailing one on the street, and give a tip to a waiter if you need assistance calling a cab.
  6. Travel by taxi, especially during the middle of the night, and avoid walking alone on Kiev streets, particularly at midnight.
  7. In case of issues, consider accepting them instead of involving the police, who may complicate matters further.

Note that these cautions don’t guarantee these events will occur, but they are recorded cases in Ukraine, as reported by some foreigners.

Food & Beverages

International fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC are widespread, providing 24/7 service. If you prefer local Ukrainian cuisine, Kiev offers a variety of affordable options. Explore traditional dishes such as Vareniki, Kievski, and Borscht soup.

Maidan Square: A Culinary Delight

Maidan Square offers an array of fine dining restaurants that cater to diverse tastes, providing the best in international cuisine from around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican, Indian, Asian, or Middle Eastern flavors, Maidan Square has options available at any time.

Exotic Cafés: Ideal Daytime Meeting Spots

Complementing the culinary scene are exotic cafes that have become popular daytime meeting spots. These cafes not only serve as a delightful setting but also serve as a great place to meet Ukrainian singles. Use this daytime rendezvous to plan your evening activities. Instead of opting for malls in Kiev, consider spending your time in these venues to connect with the locals.

Guest-Friendly Hotels in Kiev

For a more affordable and secure option, consider booking an apartment in Kiev, especially if you plan to have guests. Ukrainian ladies may feel more comfortable in an apartment setting than in a hotel, where registration requirements may make them uneasy. Ensure that the hotel or apartment is near Maidan Square for proximity to tourist spots and nightlife. 

Unlike other cities in Ukraine, house owners in Kiev are more likely to speak English. However, this comes with the disadvantage of higher price requests. It’s always better to arrange taxis and hotels with local assistance to secure a more affordable stay. Alternatively, online booking can facilitate hassle-free reservations. Check [HERE] to find the cheapest hotel and apartment deals in Ukraine, conveniently located near Maidan Square.

Meet Ukrainian Women

Meeting Ukrainian women can be challenging for those who cannot speak Ukrainian or Russian. I believe that speaking Russian right now might be more dangerous than before due to the growing animosity among Ukrainians towards Russians. However, relying solely on English may not guarantee a smooth experience, as it is not widely spoken in Ukraine.

This is why going online to connect before your travels has numerous benefits, such as renting a house, securing a travel guide, finding a nightlife partner, and more. Utilizing one of the best Ukrainian-specific dating sites can assist you in this endeavor. Check [HERE] to meet someone now.

Kiev Nightclubs & Bars

Lastly, let’s delve into the venues that make Kiev’s nightlife unforgettable. Vodka Bar, Forsage Club, Shooters, and Sorry Babuckha are examples of Kiev’s energetic nightclubs. For a more upscale experience, consider Arena, Buddha Bar, Sky Bar, and D-Lux, which offer a first-class atmosphere at a relatively higher cost. Nightlife in Kiev is a continuous adventure, and with careful choices, it becomes an unforgettable experience. If you have additional Kiev Night memories, share them in the comments below.


  1. Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant idea,
    post is nice, thats why i have read it fully…

  2. Hı, İf you want to meet with local kiev student girls, you need to visit Vodka Bar. Drinks prices are average, Music is good. ıts open utill 6:00 AM which is great time to meet with local Ukranian ladies. My personal suggestion, don’t stay longer untill 6:00 AM as ıt might be litle dangerous for foreinger even for Ukranians. Enjoy 🙂

  3. very nice nightlife.. nightclubs are full of beauitiful Ukranian women…strongly reccommended…

  4. fromkievwithlove

    Keep away from taxi drivers in Kiev if you don’t know Russian or you don’t have local companion. They are scam network in Kiev nightlife who focused on man tourist in Kiev. They are especially those freelancers on the road asking 10 times more than actually price. Well, if you refuse (you don’t have this chance) they get frustrated and start to threaten you. Believe me it works this way. My advice, if you need taxi, before leaving your current venue, ask help from them to call you taxi. Otherwise, it can be extreme costly….

  5. Kiev is the land of most sexiest ladies in the world. Try to contact with them online. otherwise they will not relpy you on the streets. and its hard to find girls who can speak English. If you go online, you will be meeting those who can speak English…

  6. Extremely helpful I’m looking forward to travel to Kiev.

  7. students’ nightclubs are which ones

    • Hi Mahesh,

      My personel preferance would be “Saxon, Votka Bar and Forsage” There are many young University students hanging out especially Friday nights. Have fun.

  8. Awesome write up , would be a pleasure to.visit and live in Ukraine for a week , any good site to look for esc…s? Is it safe to walk around the city in day time ? Are there no online taxis ?

    • Hi Deep,

      I have no idea about e….rt website but for walking at streets any time during day is safe absolutely. There is taxi offices that you call and they provide you taxi. its very affordable prices and you are more safer than regular taxis waiting on the roads. only disadvantage is those lines may not speak English. have fun.

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