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How to Pick Up a Girl For Short or Long Term

Picking up a girl from a nightclub, bar, street, cafe, venue, college, or anywhere else in society varies depending on your desires and the description of the targeted girl. Every man has dreamed of being with fascinating, beautiful women from time to time in their life. This is just a sinless part of men’s nature. Some dream of intimacy, while others dream of having a long-term relationship, such as dating or marriage. In this article, you will find answers on how to pick up a girl confidentially for either a long-term or short-term connection.

How to Pick Up a Girl for Short Term?

Picking up a girl for short term is a challenging yet manageable task when you consider all the requirements. These requirements usually involve money, fame, and luck. Short-Term relations are more likely to happen at nightclubs or bars than in public places. First and foremost, be aware of the phrase, “fast comer goes fast.”

If your goal is to having short-term fun with a girl, it’s best to position yourself at nightclubs or bars. In these venues, your potential options will likely include freelancers, desperate women that need to back up their families, or girls seeking revenge. If you are lucky, you might encounter overdrunk or easily influenced girls.

How to Approach These Girls?

Don’t worry; it’s a piece of cake. As mentioned earlier, if you exude wealth in the bar, they will likely approach you. However, if you prefer not to pay, you need to be exceptionally handsome or extraordinarily charismatic to attract a girl for a one-night stand.

Jokes, love stories, being romantic, or sympathetic actions are useless in nightclubs if you haven’t had a chance to talk with your targeted girl before in a quieter setting. Focus on body language, expressing your desire to her. Every move should be executed in a professional and desireful manner. Don’t be rude or hasty; always wait for the right time.

Position your hand in the right place, meaning at her back, and show how nicely you can dance. Once the level of alcohol has increased in her blood, you may start kissing her from the lips to convey that you are her man for the night. If money doesn’t speak, and your chosen woman accepts you because you have an impact on her, then never dare to look at or court another woman in the club or wherever you are. Just be patient.

Also, be patient when choosing the woman with whom you want to spend the whole night. Your mind could change later in the midnight when more beautiful ladies arrive. So, make sure you are with whom you desire!

Initiating the Right Move

The right time is when she starts feeling tense or loses control of her hands (observable through her hand movements over your body). The first kiss should start from the earlobe and gently continue to the neck. Be slow and not forceful. After the dance, you are closer to picking up your girl. However, it shouldn’t stop here. Offer her some strong drinks to make her more relaxed and, consequently, more open to intimacy.

Keep in mind that alcohol has different effects on women, often resulting in heightened arousal. Now, for the final step, persuading her cleverly is crucial. The best approach is to suggest booking a hotel instead of offering your house. This can make her feel more confident. Mention a surprise awaiting her at the hotel, like wine or a small gift. Provide the hotel details, ensuring it’s not more than 30 minutes away. Assure her of a ride and a nice breakfast after the night.

Long-Term Relationship

Picking up a girl for a long-term relationship is a challenging route for those seeking steady relations or long-term dates. Although not easy, it’s not impossible. Girls are sensitive when it comes to choosing men. You can CHECK THIS OUT to know what women want in men. Here are ways to pick up girls for long-term relationships:

Creating the Right Atmosphere

Differentiating between feelings of love and lust is crucial. Love is wanting to be with someone always. Once you’ve targeted someone, here’s how to pick her up:

  • Meeting Stage: Create an environment for the meeting stage, whether it’s a bank queue, park, shopping mall, or McDonald’s.
  • Initiate a Conversation: Ask for something like a pen or lighter. Focus on how you look at her, not the item. Follow her discreetly, and if she stares at you for more than three seconds, you’ve got her attention.
  • Approach Confidently: Approach her, introduce yourself confidently, and explain that you’re new around here, seeking a guide.
  • Building Connection: While walking, introduce yourself creatively, talk about daily events, and make conversation for about two hours.
  • Inviting for Coffee: Ask her to have coffee with you, and if she accepts, it’s a positive sign. Instead of asking for a phone number, opt for Facebook or Twitter.
  • Maintaining Contact: Once home, engage with her on social media. Leave thoughtful comments on her pictures, and let her feel your genuine interest.

Building and Maintaining a Relationship

Successfully starting a relationship or dating is just the beginning. Here are key points to consider for long-term relation success:

  • Be Confident: Confidence is crucial. In some cases, it’s even more important than physical appearance. Women appreciate self-confidence without arrogance.
  • Smell Good: Pleasant smell is a small but important detail for women. Ensure you present a pleasing fragrance.
  • Be Sympathetic: Research indicates that women often choose sympathetic guys over just handsome ones. Make her feel comfortable and happy with smart jokes and gestures.
  • Personal Care: Pay attention to personal grooming. Different women have various preferences, so take care of your teeth, nails, and overall appearance.
  • Gifts: Small, thoughtful gifts can make a significant impact. Flowers or simple gifts can bring her enormous happiness.
  • Show Skills: If you have talents, showcase them. Whether it’s cooking or crafting, make an effort to impress her.
  • Remember Important Dates: Dates like the first meeting, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are crucial. Remembering them shows your commitment.
  • Sensitivity: Understanding your partner is vital. Life can be stressful, so avoid breaking your partner’s heart for trivial reasons.

These techniques aren’t guaranteed for everyone, but they can provide guidance on how to pick up a girl for long or short types of relationships. Love can cover everything when approached with care and consideration.

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