Venezuela nightlife

Venezuela Nightlife: A Local’s Guide to Current Scenes

When discussing nightlife, engaging in such activities might be the most cautious venture when visiting a country primarily for its nightlife features. In general, nightlife in Venezuela is similar to other South American countries— not really safe. Before delving into an explanation of Venezuela nightlife, I would like to provide updates for the years below.

2018 Update: Streets in Venezuela are not as safe as before, even during the daytime. The crime rate is so high that foreigners are not safe to hang out outside anymore due to the current economic crisis. So, think twice before hanging out at night.

2024 Update: Unlike in 2018, the situation has improved after Biden’s administration. However, the economic situation remains very challenging, leading people to leave the country to earn in dollars. It’s hard to believe that you need a bag just to carry $100 after the exchange. In this situation, one cannot expect much in terms of safety.

Venezuela Nightlife

Important Note: This information may have changed since the onset of the economic crisis. It is not recommended to visit the country nowadays, especially for nightlife features.

The voices of knowledge tell us that in the 70s, the nightlife of Caracas was lively, creative, and full of fun, even tranquility. Parties were everywhere, in the east of the city, in the west of the city, and even in the houses of your neighbors. Good vibes surrounded you, always with the motto: Weekends are made to enjoy and get drunk. Let’s delve into Venezuela nightlife through the eyes of a local lady.

Caracas, Venezuela was known as a place where nightlife was rich and floricultural. However, over the years, with an increase in the mortality rate due to insecurity, the young people of the new generation will never be able to enjoy a healthy night of fun and carefree living, or at least that’s what you hear on the street. The elders in the subway say, “I enjoyed my youth; I dawned in the streets…” They talk about the most famous ice cream shop in Sabana Grande station or the musical meetings organized in the streets. Unfortunately, they end up saying, “Things have changed for the worse.”

The ‘rumbas’ (parties) in Caracas nightlife still shake some ends of the city. Venezuelans are known as “the soul of the party,” and it’s true. As Venezuelans, we are proud of our men, but the nightlife of Caracas is lit by beautiful and charismatic women, always ready to step into the fun, with a desire to play and conquer.

Rumbear (going to a party) is not so easy anymore. You have to have enough money, and there is a shortage of cash. Although there is money flow in the banks, you need cash to pay for a taxi since the parties are held in Las Mercedes, La Castellana, El Rosal, where you can find fine restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The East of Caracas is practically where the fire of the city’s life has been concentrated. People from all parts of Caracas, from the west, east, Miranda State, and Vargas State, gather there.

Parties are composed of young people aged 18 to 26 who want to relax, enjoy, and flirt with women or simply enjoy life alone. But let’s face it, in the clubs in the east of Caracas, many beautiful and very sensual women go without partners or in groups to conquer men. Good nightclubs usually have up to 4 or 5 environments, with the most popular being reggaeton, a sensual and somewhat urban genre. Women like to move their curves and be seen; preferred genres are merengue, salsa, and Bachata, which is the conquering genre for both men and women.

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Among the environments, the genre of electronics is well received, and rock is unusual, which is why these places are usually empty. There is not much to comment on the life of shopping centers since they all close at 10 o’clock at the most. Moving away from the East, let’s talk about how it is ‘Rumbear’ in the west of the capital. Unlike in the East, the meetings that originate in the west of the city are more private and family-oriented, neighborhood things.

If you go to a meeting in ‘El Junquito,’ you know that you will stay at the host’s house and will not be able to leave until the next morning, or of course, unless you have a car. If you go in your car, be careful! A year ago, it was still possible to organize a normal party; however, currently, most parties are revels in which each guest brings something to share. We can’t give ourselves the pleasure of inviting everything that will be served at the party.

For the eyes of foreigners, Venezuela nightlife almost does not exist; others would say that it is not a life of quality enjoyment, and the truth is that they are right. Venezuela nightlife translates to dancing in discos, going out to eat, going to the movies, going to a bar, to the liquor store on the corner, maybe to a theater or organizing a meeting.

Going to a public musical venue is a bit risky; we all know that there may be a lot of people, and places with a lot of people in concentration are a nest for thieves. Venezuelans are presumptuous people; we like to get ready, show where we are, where we went, or where we will go.

Caracas is a very busy city with a lot of stress; that’s why holidays are a way to forget what happens at the national level, relax from work, go out with your partner or friends, or just break your routine. Nonetheless, Venezuela nightlife is worth experiencing, especially for those men who love to meet beautiful Latino women.

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