Cairo Nightlife

Cairo Nightlife Guide: Discover Cairo After Dark

Nightlife in Cairo is a vibrant mix of history, fun, and modern life. The bustling city offers numerous places where you can spend enjoyable nights, experiencing the lively atmosphere. There are streets and squares that allow you to immerse yourself in Cairo nightlife simply by strolling through them. Before delving into Cairo, Egypt’s nightlife, I would like to briefly introduce the city’s key tourist attractions.

Cairo Nightlife

The Nile River

When in Cairo, a trip on the Nile is a must. The journey is filled with fun, and the Nile Corniche itself is a bustling place, attracting families and couples. Restaurants and cafes abound, catering to your culinary desires.

Al-Mu’izz ledin Illah Street

This street stands out as one of Cairo’s best historical places, possibly in the world. It brings ancient Islamic history to life with numerous famous mosques. At night, it transforms into a heavenly and soulful destination. A visit is highly recommended.

Khan El-Khalili

For those seeking souvenirs and a wonderful time in a historical setting, a visit to Khan El-Khalili is a must. Traditional coffeehouses, restaurants, and bazaars await, with the added charm of Al-Hussein Mosque and Al-Fishawi coffeehouse nearby.

Downtown, Talaat Harb Street, and Fouad Street

These open spaces in downtown Cairo, including Talaat Harb Street and Fouad Street, come alive at night. Coffeehouses, bars, and cinemas dot these streets, creating a lively nightlife atmosphere.

Best Bars, Nightclubs, and Party Places in Cairo

Egypt boasts two kinds of bars: Traditional Bars and Modern Nightclubs. Here is a list with directions for each Nightclub and Bar, along with a short description.

Traditional Bars in Cairo:

  1. Riche Café: Located from Tahrir Square, taking Talaat Harb Street, it offers a traditional bar experience in a culturally rich atmosphere.
  2. Estoril Bar: Accessible via Talaat Harb Street to Qasr El Nil Street, it resembles Riche.
  3. Stella Bar: Adjacent to Riche, famous for being featured in “The Yacoubian Building” movie.
  4. Windsor Bar: Found on Emad-Eldein Street, after The Americans coffeehouse, it is one of Cairo’s most traditional bars.

Famous Nightclubs in Cairo:

  1. Cairo Jazz Club: Considered one of the best night places in Cairo, it is exclusive for couples, girls, and those above 25. Booking in advance is recommended, known for its lively atmosphere and alcoholic offerings.
  2. The New Tamarai: A high-class, expensive venue in Nile City Towers, filled with girls, alcohol, and lively parties. Entrance is based on administrative evaluation.
  3. Deals 14: With branches in Al-Zamalek, Al-Mohandseen, and Masr AL-Gadida, it offers drinks and meals, providing a calm atmosphere for a pleasant evening.
  4. 1122 Bar: Located in Radisson Blu Hotel, Cairo Heliopolis, it is a classy place for meals, featuring a rooftop pool and a cocktail bar, suitable for families.
  5. After Eight: A must-visit place for couples and groups above 25, hosting underground bands and belly dancers. Booking in advance is essential, located in Qasr- Al Nile street, Downtown.
  6. The Cellar: A nightclub in President Hotel, 22 Taha Hussein Street in Al-Zamalek, known for loud music, dance, girls, and drinks.
  7. Amici: With branches in Taha Hussein Street and Masr Al-Gadida, it is a nightclub and restaurant for party nights, offering DJ, girls, dance, and drinks.
  8. Leila – Le Bistro: A downtown bar dedicated to the beautiful actress and singer Leila Mourad, requiring no booking but suggesting an earlier arrival to avoid crowdedness. It hosts underground bands, introducing alcohols and meals at good prices.
  9. Roof Bar: Located in Gabriel Hotel, Sun City Mall Heliopolis, it provides an unforgettable night with dancing, drinks, bar bites, and shisha, offering an incredible view of Cairo.

More to be Discovered!

These are just a few of the amazing Nightclubs and Bars in Cairo, Egypt, where you can spend a lively night. Do not think that bars and nightclubs are limited to this list; the entertainment sector has been spreading to many places across the country in recent years, in tandem with developing tourism. In my opinion, Cairo Nightclubs can compete for the title of the best nightclubs in the world.

How to Pick Up a Girl in Cairo?

Picking up a girl in Cairo, Egypt is not as easy as one might think. The conservative nature of the country, with its distinct customs and traditions, makes it a slightly challenging task compared to Western nightlife. However, Egypt is now a more liberal and free country, and people don’t mind customs as much as before. Finding a girl to dance or have a drink with in a nightclub is easily achievable.

If you have contacts before you go to Egypt, it would be easier and more comfortable. Egyptian girls are kind and beautiful. Once they fall in love with you, it may lead to marriage and children. For more information about How to Find Egyptian Women, please read: Dating Egyptian Women. Picking up girls in Cairo is not a significant problem. Many girls enjoy having fun at parties, and being a foreigner will not be a big deal. It just requires self-confidence.


Accommodation hotels are spread all over Cairo, offering high-class amenities. These hotels either contain a nightclub or are located near one. I recommend hotels instead of apartments to avoid potential fraud. You can enjoy your accommodation without any troubles. Here are some recommendations for the highest-rated hotels in Cairo. Moreover, if you want to be closer or at the center of nightlife, the following hotels are highly suggested:

Cairo is a safe city to spend a lovely time. For most tourists, it is a paradise. Cairo Nightlife is spectacular, and you will likely regard it as one of the most incredible visits of your life.

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